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LRT Oksana

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Doommmuks  Jan 07, 2009
LT huh....... im from lithuania myself..... would write lithuanian but there is always someone that will not like that...... could you contact me
I would like to know how you made that font.... would be nice if you teach me or smtg xD
kamakalama  Jan 07, 2009
Nice font. Added to Font Image Generator.
LaurenRuth  author of LRT Oksana   Jan 31, 2009
Thank you both for your comments. I am glad you like my font. An updated & extended version will be available shortly.

kamakalama, I am happy to be added to your image generator. Way cool, thanks.

Doommmuks, I made this font with a program called FontCreator, you can download a trail version at, its a great program.

And, LT actually stands for my initials :), Im from the US so I am glad you commented in english, because I can't speak lithuanian, I wish I could though! I dont mind though, LT can stand for lithuania if you want it to lol

stay tuned for more LT fonts!
Hi, would just like to say that this font is beautiful and awesome - THANK YOU! would you mind if I used your font for my own personal logo? (credited to you of course!)
Thanks again
LaurenRuth  author of LRT Oksana   May 28, 2009
That's no problem, I do ask for a paypal donation for commercial use of this font. I am glad you like it!
Smile1902  Aug 05, 2009
Hey, Lauren! I was wondering if I could get have your permission to use LT Oksana in a new logo I'm designing for an American client. You can have a look here at the current design:

If you'd like a PayPal donation, that can easily be arranged. I'd really like to hear from you soon, as I'm expecting payment shortly (but didn't realise that your font was listed as "personal use" only -- sorry!) Please let me know, thanks!
garryvalent  Feb 06, 2010
hey lauren, im sorry because i didnt notice that your font was listed as "personal use" im so sorry. i wonder if i could get your permission for my logowork :(

if you would like a donation via paypal please let me know.
garryvalent  Feb 06, 2010
P.S. the Lt Oksana you design is very good, they're so simple design :)
LaurenRuth  author of LRT Oksana   Mar 27, 2010
thank you
lauritta168  Nov 29, 2012
hi, I just contacted you because of this font.. hugs!
LaurenRuth  author of LRT Oksana   Nov 30, 2012
@lauritta168 - Hi, I just sent you a reply, thanks so much. :)
fionag  Jun 11, 2013
Hello Lauren

I currently am working on a design and I would love to use your font please in my logo. It is lovely! If you are happy for me to use the font I would like to make a paypal donation to yourself. Please confirm if you are happy for me to proceed.

Thank you
LaurenRuth  author of LRT Oksana   Jun 23, 2013
Hi fionag, sorry it has taken me a few days to get back to you. I am glad you are interested in using my font in your logo. If you are still interested in doing so, all that is required is a PayPal donation for the commercial license. Let me know if you need anymore assistance.
nymphont at yahoo dot com
rohooligan  Aug 04, 2013
lovely font! just donated for use on my website and demo reel.
LaurenRuth  author of LRT Oksana   Aug 07, 2013
@rohooligan, Thanks so much, I am glad my font is useful to you :)
Alex_Evans01  Jan 21, 2015
Hi Lauren,
I'd love to use this font in a logo I'm creating for a client. Can you get in touch with me with regards to the commercial licence please?
Thanks :)
Nieszkozaur  Jun 12, 2017
I've donated you for only 10$ but I can't afford now more. I love your font and I would be honored to use it in my brand that I'm working on.

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