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barisky  Feb 14, 2009
beautifel font!realy!
LaurenRuth  author of LRT Chickenhawk   Feb 14, 2009
:) thank you :) I really like this one too.
LaurenRuth  author of LRT Chickenhawk   Feb 15, 2009
I will make numbers and additional characters if enough people request it, so let me know! You can post on here or email me Thanks, hope you like this font. ~Lauren
kirksucks  Feb 16, 2009
you beat me! nice font.
cherstewart  Feb 17, 2009
I would definitely add number glyphs, this is a hit, for sure. Great job.
InstantD  Feb 19, 2009
Yes, I too would love #s and symbols! The font is very aesthetically pleasing, would like to see more of it. Thank you for making it.
LaurenRuth  author of LRT Chickenhawk   Feb 20, 2009
Ok guys I am working on it, will take a minute but I will!
kirksucks  Feb 21, 2009
beat me again! ... yea i wish the update and upload was a bit faster.
keiristen  Feb 23, 2009
can i ask??
how can i type the special characters like the letter "e" with 2dots above on it. . .
princessfairy123  Feb 23, 2009
James Shiel's 'XBOX LIVE GIRLFRIEND' would love this font!
AlinaCourtney  Feb 23, 2009
Best of bestttt
I love thisssss!!!!
Thank you very much! My best friend likes this!
kirksucks  Feb 23, 2009
you're killing me!
LaurenRuth  author of LRT Chickenhawk   Feb 23, 2009
i am glad you all like the font :)

if you use windows, go to start > all programs > system tools > character map and then bring up the lt chickenhawk font. go to the letter you want to insert, select it then copy it and you should be able to paste it where you want it.
love8913  Feb 25, 2009
this is a sick font! <3
hey is it okay if i can use it for a school project because it would give it a cute look on defending great apes :)
LaurenRuth  author of LRT Chickenhawk   Feb 25, 2009
Yes, absolutely :) feel free to use this font on your school project, and any other school or personal projects. Kudos to you for defending great apes, by the way :)
princessfairy123  Feb 25, 2009
wow the author likes it shocka grow a sack you sad people
princessfairy123  Feb 25, 2009
LaurenRuth  author of LRT Chickenhawk   Feb 25, 2009
Okay... that's weird, princessfairy, yesterday I received an email from you telling me how much you liked my fonts to which I did reply, and a second email telling me that you were bored asking my a/s/l, I did not mean to offend you by not replying to that email, I just don't really do that chat/cyber thing.

Also, just my personal opinion, the word douche is disgusting and not very ladylike at all.
RAS-UTOPIA  Feb 27, 2009
genial es esta font!!!
LPthatsmII  Feb 28, 2009

try to add numbers as well :)
kirksucks  Feb 28, 2009
wow random hostility.
aber  Mar 01, 2009
it beautiful
xeeneeizee  Mar 02, 2009
great font! Congratulations
marionilufi  Mar 02, 2009
como se guardan las letras
dude96  Mar 05, 2009
this font in awesome and BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!
jodyhicks  Apr 05, 2009
i've been looking for your e-mail address and can't find it. i've been using your font (love it!love it! - very cute) for a scrapbook for my daughter. i've recently been asked to make a scrabook for someone who wants to pay me. do you allow for comercial stuff? thanks.
alice:)  Jun 23, 2009
woooo i love dafont mateee. :)
LaurenRuth  author of LRT Chickenhawk   Jun 25, 2009
Thank you all. If you still need it, you can email me about my fonts nymphont [at] yahoo [dot] com .... Thanks again :)
michelleanne  Jun 27, 2009
I like it :]
mtension  Jul 13, 2009
Found your font on twitter:
LaurenRuth  author of LRT Chickenhawk   Jul 16, 2009
mtension, oh cool, thanks :)
zombulance  Aug 21, 2009
Thanks for this awesome font <3
LaurenRuth  author of LRT Chickenhawk   Sep 01, 2009
Your welcome, thank you I am glad you like it :)
xWARRIORofANIMEx  Nov 07, 2010
I luv this font, and I wanna use it for something... but... how do you download it and use it because all I get is a sentence repeated over and over again in different sizes. PLEASE TELL ME!
Clarisse M  Jul 18, 2014
Hello, I would like to use this font for commercial purposes. I m creative invitation craft. How much is it?
(I started, and it's a very small company, don't be too greedy please!)

Thank you.
      Clarisse M.
Kazekara  Aug 18, 2014
Can we copy the font or embed it? and if so how?

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