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LaurenRuth  Jun 16, 2009
This is so lovely! Excellent job! :)
kirksucks  Jun 18, 2009
the o's look like e's its pretty cool tho.
annaOMline  Jun 22, 2009
Amazing script font, is original and well constructed.
Thanks for sharing it!
Owen599  Jun 22, 2009
It's cool and o is like the e:P
Owen599  Jun 22, 2009
love it:P
oflu"  Jun 27, 2009
catherinesin  Jun 30, 2009
Lion Hearted  Jul 03, 2009
Great font, thanks for sharing. :)
BenRyno  Jul 06, 2009
bev ere 2k9
BenRyno  Jul 06, 2009
SExy BeVeRlY
ictstudent  Jul 06, 2009
hello Albertine i love all your work but im not very impressed with this one ive seen alot better albertine and i hope you start bringing out some new top fonts that will reach the top 100 in im sorry albertine this is up to your standerds
yunduan  Jul 08, 2009
beautiful font i am fond of it
StreetLingaz  Jul 09, 2009
I really like this font. It's calligraphy? I would probably put it under Handwriting... *shrugs* Keep up the good work!
Jessybabii  Jul 11, 2009
i love it i want it as a tattoo but i dont know how to get it cause i cant print it out. :/
Serek Ostrian  Jul 16, 2009
Great font, I love it!
The Mimi  Jul 28, 2009
Absolutely lovely!
orangutanz  Aug 05, 2009
OMG I looooovvvvvveeeee it ur absolutely awesum! plz make some more!
bisty  Aug 26, 2012
thanks i like it so much.
dredlocked_sage  Feb 19, 2014
"Its" is kind of a pain to type since the swirls on the "I" and "t" kinda meld together... but very beautiful type in any case :)

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