FFF Tusj

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Gyom Séguin  May 20, 2008
Nice details, suprisingly similar to karabine though....
netvgraphics  Jun 06, 2008
really like it
skaterlimits  Jul 13, 2008
i can't open this zip file, ??? need your help !!!
formfett  author of FFF Tusj   Jul 18, 2008
I updated the zip, should work now.
If not you can always download the font from my blog:
Arkhanje  Aug 05, 2008
Hello, I have a little probleme with this police on QuarkXPress.
Software bug during impression and I can neither print nor transform in pdf and the police is not harmed...
An idea?
Dernhelm  Sep 22, 2008
Thank you for this thorough and legible font. The style is superb.
StreetLingaz  Oct 10, 2008
Ahh very cool. I love this effect. It is only challenged by karbine (I think its called...)
fusionica  Nov 16, 2008
Great display font! Any chance of some of the other famous faces in hand written guises? :)
p01ak  Nov 27, 2008
I used your type for a poster: http://philmclub.files.wordpress.com/2008/11/0000032.jpg
Thanks a lot.
xarcux  Apr 22, 2009
Très jolie police, vraiment superbe, dommage qu'elle plante QuarkXPress lorsqu'on tentent de faire un pdf !

Y-a-t-il un "truc" à savoir ?

merci d'avance
tbolding442  Nov 04, 2009
this is wayyyy cutee.
prolly one of my favorites, [:
xeeneeizee  Jan 30, 2010
tabulous  Aug 05, 2011
Hey, awesome font. I used it for a mailer for a Real Estate School. Here's their website www.stringhamschools.com and I'll post a link of the file when I upload it. Thanks so much!
G369  Aug 09, 2011
Thanks Magnus. This is great.
I like this more than karabine.
jeremifier  Sep 02, 2011
If you're Australian then you should know this--

This font looks JUST like the font Bakers Delight puts on their bags and such!
Ant 15  Sep 05, 2011
Is this the font they used on Sparks Fly by Miranda Cosgrove? It looks so similar!
LightsVillegas  May 15, 2012
^^ This is the font she used! :)
myraa  Apr 27, 2013
I love it, thanks!
edgarfpv  Nov 15, 2013
malipivo  May 14, 2014
We've used your font to create this poster, http://striz7.fame.utb.cz/konference/2011/texperience2011_oranzova_stakan.pdf. Thank you a lot!
Alcor  May 15, 2015
Amazing!! thanks!!
Chiara Ravizza  Dec 13, 2015
I need your help! the letter D on the pdf is it in very bad quality :( can you help me?
Markhal  Nov 05, 2019
Very, very very Thanx!

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