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kirksucks  Feb 11, 2009
this is pretty awesome. I dont know how I'd use it but it's very clever.
theadrian  Feb 12, 2009
w0ow too fast..! haha
DuRTyBuRDy  Feb 13, 2009
waste of a font
veredgf  author of FasType   Feb 13, 2009
Why is it a waste?...
LaurenRuth  Feb 13, 2009
How could this font possibly be a waste??? It's way cool and unique. I like it. A waste of a font?

That's like Lebowski saying "F*** the tournament," anyways, it's really not possible. Comic Sans is the one exception I can think of, and that seems harsh too.

But not everyone has kind words for my fonts either. The several hundred or even couple thousand downloads should reassure you that this font is FAR from a waste. So please do keep on fontin.
"If you've got it, font it." ~Lauren
stereotypes  Feb 13, 2009
it's no waste ... it's the idea
good job
veredgf  author of FasType   Feb 14, 2009
Yey, thanks!!!
barisky  Feb 14, 2009
thats very good
tiagoadias  Feb 14, 2009
I like it very much
Its so clever !!
mtension  Feb 17, 2009
No font is ever a waste. Just some are more common than others.
LPthatsmII  Feb 28, 2009
:) its a cool font but sorta messy. no wonder why its called a fastype. did u rush it or something ?

well the font is awesome :D
veredgf  author of FasType   Feb 28, 2009
Yes... it was deliberately rushed... to see if a font can be made quickly cause usually it's a very tedious process.... Thanks!
jellyjelly  May 04, 2009
shut the fuck up huever sed it was a waste!!
well maybe yur a waste of space but u dnt see us complaining >:(
id like 2 see u make a better font!
Nice font btw, its unique nd i reli like it :)
winty5  Mar 08, 2013
I like it a lot! Totally agree with jellyjelly

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