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Roger S. Nelsson  Jul 21, 2009
For those of you looking for an improved version with more/better accents etc: Ray Larabie has allowed me to rework his fonts and offer them with a (very generous) commercial license.
So if you need a professional quality Unicode OpenType or TrueType version of this font with a multilingual and expanded character set - you will find it here:
(Ray Larabie receives royalties from all sales)
S.E.Designs  May 03, 2011
hey im new to this stuff but i was wondering what do i need to do to have copyrights for this font?
typodermic  author of Ethnocentric   May 07, 2011
There's a diagram on that will help explain what you can copyright and trademark.
weknow  Jun 02, 2012
i love this font alot, this is how i recognize you, and learn and ispired by you
typodermic  author of Ethnocentric   Jun 11, 2012
Thanks very much!
RubyRed1  Feb 01, 2014
Can I use this font for my t shirt designs
to sell. How can I do this legally?
typodermic  author of Ethnocentric   Feb 10, 2014
You sure can. Details at
scboi114  Feb 01, 2015
hello, i want to print tshirts also, ive looked into that website but cannot find the details.
typodermic  author of Ethnocentric   Feb 01, 2015
This font is free for commercial use; no problem using it for t-shirts. More details in the "desktop license" section on this page:
Esclawy  Sep 17, 2015
Hey! I'm pretty new to this site. Can I use this font for a show poster that will be distributed? I saw that it is free for commercial use, but I just want to be absolutely sure. Thank you!
typodermic  author of Ethnocentric   Sep 17, 2015
Yes, that's allowed.
Luckytime  Sep 02, 2016
You're an absolute badass. I have so much respect for font creators because like teachers and social workers, they do all the work and get under-appreciated. So thanks!
typodermic  author of Ethnocentric   Sep 06, 2016
You're welcome!
yaslince  Jan 25, 2017
Hi!!!, can I use the typography for logo and web?
typodermic  author of Ethnocentric   Jan 28, 2017
Yes you can.
Cobra!  Jul 10, 2017
How it 100% free if you need to fork out money to use the actual font in any apps or websites?
Cobra!  Jul 10, 2017
Ignore the previous comment, I spoke with the creator, he explained it.
typodermic  author of Ethnocentric   Jul 10, 2017
Dafont doesn't have an option to display specific license arrangements but I wish they did. Choices are: 100% free, Free for personal use, Shareware, Demo, Public Domain, Donationware. The free desktop license setup is very common, and outside of OFL, Public Domain, including free embedding/OEM licenses is a rarity and is at odds with every commercial distribution system (MyFonts etc.).
cnt85  Jan 30, 2018
can i use for logo?
typodermic  author of Ethnocentric   Feb 05, 2018
Yes, you can.
jaydaring  Mar 15, 2019
Hi just donated and wishing to use your font for my dj logo across social media. great font and thanks
typodermic  author of Ethnocentric   Mar 19, 2019
nursegy6  Apr 13, 2019
So I am attempting to redo the vinyl decals for my Dodge Charger and unfortunately they were made using the old font. The only issue I am having is that the 1's are different.
typodermic  author of Ethnocentric   Apr 14, 2019
Oh right. Yeah, the angle used to go backwards on the 1...caused all kind of issues. I still have the old version. Send me a message and I'll send you the old one.
K9Rain  Jul 19, 2019
Hi, like the others in this comments - Can I use the typography for a new logo? I use the base/ground of the font and put an arrows in the font...!?
typodermic  author of Ethnocentric   Jul 21, 2019
Sure, no problem.
Kikiberry  Jun 15, 2020
Hello! I messaged you with pretty much about the same question everyone else has. I'm not too familiar with this site yet, though. So not sure if it pings when you're DM'ed or not. Does the desktop license also include if used for book covers and chapter headers? It'd fit perfectly. ^^
typodermic  author of Ethnocentric   Jun 15, 2020
Yes, book use is no problem with the free license. eBook license is only for a specific use.
faisalabjr  Jul 05, 2020
Your font its nice!
This for free comercial? or not
typodermic  author of Ethnocentric   Jul 14, 2020
Yes, Ehtnocentric is free for commercial use. Details are included with the font.
jmdrieman  Aug 23, 2020
@typodermic, what other typeface would you suggest to pair with Ethnocentric?
typodermic  author of Ethnocentric   Aug 31, 2020
It depends on the context but I'd avoid anything too similar. If you want a techno look, consider a technical typeface like DIN or my PCTL typefaces. Sometimes Expressway or Blue Highway works.
NSUMASA  Feb 15, 2021
Nice Font Thank you very much.
Can i use this font for company logo.
typodermic  author of Ethnocentric   Feb 17, 2021
Yes, Ehtnocentric is free for commercial use including logos. Details are included with the font.
Rokah  Oct 01, 2021
please help me to use this font for my personal logo. thanks
typodermic  author of Ethnocentric   Oct 01, 2021
Remove the font from the zip, read the attachment. Install the font on your computer. Use a design application to create the logo, convert to curves (outlines) and export as SVG.
sebastiendagde  Feb 01, 2022
Merci, j'adore ce caractère des lettre.
typodermic  author of Ethnocentric   Feb 02, 2022
Je suis tellement content que ça te plaise ! Merci.
Mnezbroz12  May 15, 2022
hello I know it says 100% free but I wanted to be sure. can I use the font for a banner on my youtube channel
typodermic  author of Ethnocentric   May 15, 2022
Yes, Ehtnocentric is free for commercial use including banners on YouTube channels. Details are included with the font.
julliam  Oct 05, 2022
Can I use this font in my commercial game? I'll sell it on steam, just download and use?
typodermic  author of Ethnocentric   Oct 06, 2022
For embedding games and apps, you need an application license, but it's affordable. Check it out here:
Angeli:)  Mar 07, 2023
Hi, can I use the typography for logo, web and for advertising? I await your answer, thank u. :)
typodermic  author of Ethnocentric   Mar 08, 2023
Yes, all those things are allowed but you should check the documentation about web use. The font includes detailed, multilingual instructions.
SciFiMike  Aug 28, 2023
I definitely like the look of this font. Thanks for all your hard work. My question is this: Can this font be used in a video game, specifically a visual novel?

Better safe than sorry, right?

Be well,
SciFiMike  Aug 28, 2023
I think I answered my previous question when I read the read-this.html file in the zip file. It looks like it wouldn't be allowed because it would be in an app and because a case could be made that the app is somewhat an e-book. Sorry to have wasted your bandwidth. --SciFiMike
souris71  Nov 20, 2023

I would like to know if I can use the font on my website.
thank you
typodermic  author of Ethnocentric   Nov 21, 2023
Yes, you can use Ethnocentric for your website. However, while Ethnocentric is free for commercial use under a desktop license, using it on a website requires a separate web license. You can easily acquire this web license through the Ethnocentric font page on the Typodermic Fonts website.

For more details and to obtain the web license, please visit: Ethnocentric font page.

Details about web embedding here:

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