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Matix  May 08, 2006
yeah it's a nice font, so I have a question can I use this font for my band in Germany?
write back soon
Patch.20  Jun 02, 2006
Hi Christopher
My name is Frederick Franklin and I am one of the founders of a new Art Studio run by service users suffering with mental ill health, it is a charity organisation and we have a membership of around 60 and we are presently in our second year and doing extremely well.
Over the past few months we have been in the process of putting together a logo for the studio which is called the ARTRIUM, we are very keen to use the word itself as the logo which has prompted us to spend quite some time looking for an ideal font that would give us the desired effect we are looking for and your font hit all the right buttons, the font that won this quest was Cocain Sans.
I have enclosed an attachment of the logo and ask if it would be possible for you to give permission to use the above font for this purpose only, awaiting your reply, kind regards
Frederick Franklin
walive  Jul 14, 2006
Hello Christopher, i'm Art Director and your font "cocaine sans" is the one i need to work, how can i buy it? Thanks a lot
2scientists  Aug 02, 2006
Hello Christopher. I love your font! I'm interested in potentially using it for a logo I'm working on for a small art company. How can I buy it? You can email me at Thanks.
10torsion  Oct 06, 2006
hi christopher How can I buy Cocaine Sans ?
for a tshirt !
Neslihan  Oct 14, 2006
[i'm french ]

Je trouve cette police très belle , je l'ai d'ailleur télécherger. J'ai fait une belle bannière avec de couleur bleu xD
piercourt  Oct 14, 2006
Hello Christopher, I'm desining Tee shirts and I Love your Font, I'd like to know if I could by it. It would be great! Sorry for my english but I'm french, so I suppose I'm excused.
Please keep in touch, Thanks
piercourt  Oct 14, 2006
OUPS!, my e-mail is
fjx007  Dec 26, 2006
I would buy the font COCAINE SANS for use on tshirt design, tshirt is for selling (200 units or less).
How much for licence for this tshirt printing ? And the exact licensing term of policies.

Thank you

sweet_angelcutie  Jan 20, 2007
this is a work of art.
raulnovo1  Jan 24, 2007
Hello Christopher,
You are a font genius, i would like to get in contact with you regarding using some of your fonts for some advertising work, i would like to know where i can purchase the fonts
kferin  Feb 03, 2007
Mr. Hansen,
I must agree with everyone else here. This is really a great and unique font!
I take alot of graphic art classes at my school, and I'm interning for my teacher. A small side effect of this internship, is that I'm put into many student artist competitions, and I'd be honored if I had your permission to use your font here and there in a few of my pieces!

any reply is welcome =]

thanks for your time

Kean -
mad hatter  Mar 05, 2007
Hi Christopher,
Love the font. I've just made an independent blues/roots cd in Australia and would love to use your font on the cover.
How can I purchase 'Cocaine sans' and Got heroin?
Glenn Cardier
gingerdungeon  Mar 05, 2007
hi chris
this is a fantastic font and it is my favourite by a long shot. ive used it on my website: and it looks really great
milofa  Mar 07, 2007
Hi, I'd like to use your cocaine sans font in a project. Can I just use it and give you credit on the website or I have to buy it? how?
Perla  Mar 10, 2007
Hi Christopher. I just love this font... :o) I'm from Denmark, and I'm working on a logo for my friend. Is it ok if I use this font?
Best regards
You can e-mail me at:
Thanks! Perla
Light  May 02, 2007

I would like to know how I could purchase this font. Would like to use this font for a client who has asked me to design a tee shirt.

Please e-mail me at:

Lucy Rogers

P.S. What is your correct e-mail address? Can anyone help me with that?
diavolo  Jun 15, 2007
Excused, I do not understand this :) the Fonts are "for free use", why one must ask when one liked to use them? Thank you.
kia88  Jul 01, 2007
it feels great!
pls send it to me!~~thanks!
ronniechambers  Jul 04, 2007
i love this font; however, the words "fuck" and "shit" are in small letters with the "i" letter. what's up? i do not appreciate profanity in anything i do, so why the secretive profanity buried in the letter "i"?
clodette  Jul 05, 2007
Dear Christopher,
I saw your font "cacaine sans" and would like to use it.
It would be for a french magazine which treats about fashion and customisation, "Detournements de Mode".
Can you tell me if I can buy it and how much is it ?
Thank you !
pinkmonkey  Jul 26, 2007
oh wow I really like this font!

ReBeLxGirL527  Aug 28, 2007
Do you have to pay for this font? If not, I'd love to use it.
Kirtif  Sep 03, 2007
So, is there any relation with this site I have found here or is just a name of a good rock band?
pipez  Sep 30, 2007
CraziiBaybeeh  Oct 04, 2007
afterwop  Nov 20, 2007
This font is so awesome! I'm a webdesigner and I tried creating something similar for one of my sites: - in the end it turned out something more 'sober' but your font was a great source of inspiration!
rigmor2k7  Jan 23, 2008

i wans wondering ... could i use this font for my band logo ??

my e-mail is incase you need it
fmacdonald  Feb 10, 2008
hi Christopher, could you please e-mail me back regarding use of your font for a clothing logo.
scrotimusprime  Feb 16, 2008
Hey, this font is amazing. We'd like to make a "12" for a band logo out of the font and would like your permission (we probably won't make any money, but we can work out payment). - looking forward to your reply
nudzynr  Mar 10, 2008

I have designed a book cover and submitted the title design to my client using your type face for one of the words in the title. I'm interested to know how I can purchase it and what the costs would be. As we're on a tight deadline this week, I'd appreciate it if you could email me back asap at Thanks so much. Great stuff!
heavenbound  Apr 05, 2008
i want to use cocaine sans and got heroin for some christian urban tees & hats catering to teens; i'm willing to pay a fee however, i was concerned b/c of the "666"... please let me know what "666" in your opinion means and if you would be willing to lease out the two fonts through paypal or other means
mattbutler1  Apr 27, 2008
Enquiring how much for use Cocaine Sans in a design for Logo

Thanks Matt
Annadriel  May 03, 2008

This is really one of the best fonts I have seen! I would like to use your font on my "half designed" t-shirts. There will be my design on them and I would also like to use your font on the bottom of that design, cos it is awesome one and it fits perfectly. Is it possible that I use your font, and if yes, how?

ty for your answer,
Abey_Starkey  Jun 17, 2008
i am a designer for DIY Label Clothing...
could i use this font for my t-shirt??
i hope you can help me...
You can email me at Thanks.
OICU812  Jul 29, 2008
The name of my band IS <a href="">Drug Rehab</a>, and just for you, I'll make a song called Cocaine SANS!! I love this font! What do you use to create the fonts?
OICU812  Jul 29, 2008
sorry, the joke didn't work!? :p Stupid html, lol. was supposed to be the clincher of the joke, um, punchline??? Anyway, strike the old one, cause i dont know how, and if you could still hit me up on what you use for the fonts, that'd be awesome!! I'm brand new to the site. :) Laters!
Happy Internets!
PhillipB  Aug 22, 2008
I'm the art director for the PBS affiliate in Memphis and would like to use cocaine sans as the header/title font for an article that is being used in our monthly member's magazine. Great looking font as are your other fonts. You are truly talented!

Thanks. Phil
LTurner  Sep 05, 2008
Hi Christopher, please could you advise us if we were planning to use 8 of your fonts in a commercial manner would you agree to a donation of $5.00 per font. and do you have a paypal account to receive payments? Please email me at Many thanks!
el_ronald  Sep 06, 2008
ola bkan la letra
mtaylor5  Nov 18, 2008
hey there, i was wondering if i could use this font on a promotional poster for a local band here in iowa? let me know, thank you.
antje  Nov 25, 2008
Hi Christopher, I'd like to use your great looking cocaine sans in a design for a sport shirt.
Please let me know if I can use it and what would be the price. Please contact me, at
all the best,
an_vince  May 06, 2009

I'm working on a project (logotype & website for a skate shop in Angoulême - France).
The client has just choosen your font "COCAINE SANS".
I'd like to know if I can use it for free because I'm still a student and I don't have much money for this project.
I just have 1 week to give an answer to my client so it's a kind of emergency (...).

Thx a lot for your answer.

Lívia Rocha  Dec 10, 2009
Hi Christopher, I'd like to use your cocaine sans in a design for a fashion brand logo.
Please let me know if I can use it and what would be the price if I need to pay it.
Please contact me at
Thank you,
glover1234  Feb 13, 2010
I really like Cocaine Sans and was considering using it for
some commercial graphics I need to design and I was wondering if you would consider letting me buy the usage rights for it... and if so how much it would cost? Thank you for your time. Please contact me at thank you~!
isayonah  Feb 17, 2010
I too need to purchase this font for tee design...please contact me at, Please contact ASAP!!

alantorres7615  Mar 22, 2011
I am heavily interested for using this for a logo please contact me at, thank you
humblesins  Jun 01, 2011
Please contact me at i want to use this font. thankyou
Blade Runner  Nov 10, 2011
Hello Christopher,
Great font. I'd like to use Cocaine Sans for a logo if possible?
If you could e-mail me at
I'd appreciate it.
meldyd  Feb 24, 2012
Hi Christopher! I am curious as to what the licensing fees are on this logo. I've used it for side personal projects and might be interested in using for paid projects in the future.

You can email me at

Thank you.
meldyd  Feb 24, 2012
Sorry, I actually meant "font" in the top post.. not "logo".
hyunpiri  Mar 16, 2012
I tested out your fonts for my game title, and it looks amazingly awesome!! I really like to use this fonts for my game which will be released in iphone/ipad.
I request your approval to use this for my game, email me I'll let you know more information and discuss more.
Reaper615  Aug 14, 2012
Would it be okay if I used this font "commercially" for a shirt design? Please contact me at whenever you get the chance.
rouliettedelapampa  Sep 03, 2012
Hi Christopher,
I'd like to use your font for my band's name. How can I buy it?
mail me to :
czooyorker  Sep 22, 2012
Hello Christopher,

I would like to use your font. Can you email me @ and let me know if i can buy the font or how i can use it..

de_la_vega  Jun 24, 2013
Hi Christopher,
I'd like to use your type face "cocaine sans" in a design for a logotype to independent band.
Please let me know if I can use it and what would be the price to pay it.
Please contact me at
Thank you.
[ ]
ChristopherHansen  author of Cocaine Sans   Jul 11, 2013
Hi everyone -
Thanks for all the interests and nice comments!
I made these fonts when i was around 16-17 years old, mainly over six month period, when i was visiting my mother in Australia, and being away from my friends in Denmark, thought it a fun hobby - especially because of all the positive feedback my fonts recieved, but as with so many other things, it pretty much lost interest and abandoned it, as other projects caught my attention. I apologize to everyone who has kindly tried to contact me because they wanted to use my fonts, but i as i stopped creating the fonts, i also stopped using the e-mail, so your e-mails havent been ignored, i just haven't seen them. Anyway, the reason i am writing this, is because i wanted to let everybody know that they are more than welcome to use these fonts commercially as they please, though i still won't mind getting my name credited for it if relevant, like books, films, or album covers, or whatever. Some people have commented that the zip files containing the font also contains a text, notifying that commercial usage of the fonts without permisson is not allowed - though i cannot completely recollect my exact written words, but this is of course to be ignored. I have absolutely no interest in making any kind of money on this. I just find pleasure in seeing my fonts being used every now and then. It is very flattering. I apologize for this long comment, but hope it presents an explanation to the many people who have tried to contact me. I wasn't even aware of them still being this popular as i haven't visited this website in over eight years. I only visited it recently to prove to my girlfriend that a certain hollywood motion picture had used a font i created in my teens, and even then, she wasn't completely convinced that it was i who had created them.

Thanks for all the interest, and for continueing to fonts!

crazyfactory_srl  Nov 03, 2013

Can I need this fond for my store in Romania its possible?

Best regards

Philipp Rasche
ChristopherHansen  author of Cocaine Sans   Feb 02, 2016
Hi Philipp,

Please write me a personal message or sendt me an e-mail :-)


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