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sesquius  Mar 29, 2012
Nice font, but you can't embed in PDF or EPS.
taylorpaul2  Apr 05, 2012
is there anyway to purchase this font so we can embed the font

ellenelle  Dec 04, 2012
I like this font a lot. There is a small problem with the hyphen that looks like a tiny smear. Would it be possible to fix that?

Ludobylu  Jul 28, 2013
Hello! I really like this font! Is it free for commercial use?
Thanks for your answer.
stella9212  May 01, 2017
Nice font, is it free commercial use?
JS Fine Art Publishing  Nov 18, 2017
Love this font, used it on a video for the group PITCH BLACK you can find here:

We like this font just the way it comes (which is with the Coaster Black and Coaster Shadow)
Mallyboo  Aug 27, 2020
Hello, can I use this font for commercial purposes? Please email me @ Thanks.

I just want to make reference to your statement where you said that this font is 100% free to use. I just want to make sure that you know I am using this font. This just serves as confirmation that I am using this font for commercial purposes.
Ccarr4  Oct 15, 2020
I love this font. Says 100% free. This serves as a record that I will be using this font for commercial purposes. As a font for a sticker. Thank you.
Chiquita2327  Feb 07, 2021
100%free so Iíll be using for commercial use..
naturemart  Feb 09, 2021
Thankyou for profiding 100% of this awesome font Mr. Steffmann.
Just to make sure that this font can be used for commercial use also.
banafis  Mar 24, 2021
Its 100% free, i'll be using this for commercial logo. Thankyou!
smoore.creative  Apr 26, 2021
This is one of my favorite fonts! I'm writing this message to confirm that, as this font is free for commercial use, I will be using it in a commercial context as part of laser cutting designs. Thank you!

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