Bad Grunge

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matthewbcd  Apr 21, 2016
We're using this for a magazine called the Nation, $10 donation being made! Thanks a bunch, Great font!
GarrowGlitch  author of Bad Grunge   Jun 08, 2016
Appreciate it! Thank you
creatormoon1131  Oct 19, 2016
Thanks for offering this. I'll using this for a viral commercial called the POSCO. Appreciate!
leanboy70  May 11, 2017
Love the font! I would really like your permission to use it for my friend's logo
"Mindshocker Entertainment" He's a Mentalist. I've never done this before. How do I go about this properly? I used it in photoshop and had to colour in the edges just ever so slightly because he wanted it to be a little more readable. Do you need to see it? I can send you the file.
leanboy70  May 12, 2017
I made the $10 donation...$14.13 CAD Thanks again!
brianhenderson  Jul 20, 2017
We are using this for some logo work on a podcast project... $10 donation made, thanks!
monarkdesigns007  Nov 22, 2017
I have an author interested in using your font on her book covers. If everything works out and it goes forward, I will be making a 10$ donation and letting you know which books they are. :)
LMTMagazine  Jan 08, 2018
We are using this for a magazine called Lab Management Today, making a donation of $10.Thanks so much!
LMTMagazine  Jan 08, 2018
We are using this for a magazine called Lab Management Today, making a donation of $10.Thanks so much!
Homiestyle  Jan 13, 2018
Hey I will use this amazing font for the shirts in my shop. Thank you! I donated the $10 / 8,20Ç .
themusclecave  Apr 11, 2018
Using this as the font in a logo! Donation made!
bbooks1  Mar 02, 2019
downloaded and made a donation. Going to use this on some military motivation posters. One of my fav fonts!
Just donated the $10, using it for my art brand The Winged Man Art.
You can see it in use on my instagram and LinkedIn
360░Kommunikation  Oct 31, 2019
Hi, i am Heiko Janden, a freelancing Creative Director and I want to use BAD GRUNGE for a client.
Is it possible that you create a Version for us (a German based client) that has an ─,▄,Í, /, - and a different H? And what would that cost?
Thanks for your Time
Heiko Janden
o__o  Jul 18, 2020
Can I use it in designing T-shirts, I need it really
kemsadang  Sep 15, 2020
Great font! I donated $10 to use this for a t shirt design for a client. Thank you!  Dec 24, 2020
Really awesome font!!I just made a $10 donation. The font will be used for a podcast called "Mountain Manhood"
darkAbacus247  Jan 11, 2021
Grabbed this to spice up my game menu's, it's a WIP but who knows maybe someday I'll make my donation back ;p

Many thanks!

Alphazero02  Feb 04, 2022
Really amazing font! $10 Donation made! I will use it for my story of dark anti-hero. I'll update it when I publish it!

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