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SilverScreen  Feb 25, 2012
Shouldn't you at least give credit to the original foundry since you completely stole this font that was created in the 1800's?


Because it's 100% identical, the shading is exact, even the font info says it was created using a scan program. Nothing is yours about this font.

Makes me question a lot of your other works now since we know you're unoriginal. :(
frd  Feb 26, 2012
Yeah, and ? Wow, you just discovered there were typefaces before computers, awesome ! And you also discovered some people are willing to spend their time to turn these into fonts, and distribute them for free even though they have spent days and months working on them, amazing ! Now please, turn off your computer and get a life.
imagex  author of Alexandre   Feb 27, 2012
Sometimes we, authors, use public domain types to offer it to people. It's less or more work cause we need to make research, scan, clean and sometimes improve the images to make it work as a computer font.
Sometimes we dont ask for any money for this work, sometimes we do. A lot of the fonts you can find on the paying sites are of that kind.
You are right, "Silverscreen", I should have to tell the name of the foundry but I found the font in an antique typography book that didn't give it.
We, authors, are working hard to offer fonts to people. 5% of my fonts are of that kind, 95% are personnal creation.
You suggest I'm a thug stealing all the fonts I upploaded on Dafont. About stealing, do you know that most of the commercial use of our fonts is not paid? THAT'S STEALING.
So, the question is, why such a hate?
anke-art  Feb 27, 2012
Honestly, I laughed when I read SilverScreen's comment. I've had similar comments on some of my fonts before... the best thing you can do is just shrug it off ;)

You did a great job with this font, I like it a lot! Thanks for making it available digitally.
SilverScreen  Feb 29, 2012
First off no hate you have a bunch of great fonts imagex, I'm actually a fan. I was just disappointed when I found this font in a text book and knew that you made it available without at least crediting the original foundry (who still exists) in your font's info that's all.

So in other words what I'm gathering from the rebuttals here is that I'm allowed to take old typeset/letraset books and scan them and freely release them? Honestly, help me understand here. I'm actually being serious.

I don't know why drf is on my case like I said something to him? Did I offend you? I'm sorry.
anke-art  Mar 06, 2012
SilverScreen, even if the foundry still exists, it doesn't own the copyright to the font anymore because the copyright expires 50 or 70 (depending on the country's law) years after the death of the creator. I suppose that the font's creator must be dead a little longer than that ;)
You might want to read about copyright and public domain on Wikipedia...
So you see, as long as the creator of a work has been dead for more than 70 years, you are free to take old typefaces and turn them into fonts.

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