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xxsmitten  Apr 25, 2007
thank you. :] i needed this font for a project.
majesticnw  Jul 31, 2008
This font is absolutely perfect for my project. I am using it for a non profit organizations brochure. See

Thanks again.

insightdesign716  Mar 07, 2009
great font!! can i use it for commercial purposes?
cmoolin  Feb 28, 2013
Hi I was wondering if your font was copyrighted, or if it can be used for commercial use?
doylewalker  May 20, 2014
Can I use this commercially? Very beautiful!
ChelseaB25  Jan 16, 2015
Can I use this commercially? this is like exactly what I am looking for! Please answer ASAP. Thanks
sushi3  Nov 23, 2015
FYI, for a Jurassic Park logo, scale to 62.5% horizontal. To recreate the logotype, you'll need to kern per letter and adjust font size (and baseline as well, for the caps). The Jurassic Park font I found was corrupted and wouldn't work on my Mac so I had to recreate from this one.
Lockon35  Jan 13, 2017
Hello, can I use this commercially?
Pls answer when you can.
rianchochochiko  Mar 20, 2018
awesome font..thank you so much
makowskidesigns  Feb 10, 2019
Can this font be safely used in a logo design?
ga-jasper  Mar 28, 2019
Yes, its 100% free
AllThingsbyGrace  Jul 13, 2020
I am truly grateful to the author of this African font. Thank you for taking the time out to create this amazing font and not only creating it but sharing it total for free. Much appreciation. Again, Thank you.
welton ferreira  Aug 18, 2020
Se alguém precisar usar o "~~", use ? e corte o ponto, fica bem parecido ! ;)
kk_kaylee  Jan 14, 2021
Hi, I love this font and was wondering if I could please use it for commercial use? It say that it is 100% free but wanted to make sure this is true!
Please email me at
Thank you!
QueenBeckah  Jan 25, 2021
Would also like to know if this font can be used commercially and in a logo? It says 100% free just wanted to make sure.
DmitriLeon2000  Oct 26, 2022
That's the Inline variant of "Neuland" by Rudolf Koch for the Klingspor Type Foundry.

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