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Blown Out is an SIL OFL Freeware font by Doug Peters (-yours truly, here).

I consider this an art font, and to me, font art. The characters have been abstracted, most being blown out in the middle, leaving the tops and bottoms of the characters behind so that they are still legible.

That said, the viewer does require more than a few characters to read it unless applied to a logo. Within a sentence, we have to slow down and actually read the text, deciphering it as we go, since the characters are abstracted and both cases are the same height.

I wonder if this will have the same effect as the font Forgetica, which has science behind it that shows by dropping parts of characters we slow down to read as opposed to scanning material and therefore remember it better.

Unfortunately, I have no such scientific studies behind me, I made this font specifically for art's sake.

It functions well though, as a fun, playful, heavy, minimalistic, decorative, white space heavy stencil display font that would be great for art posters, logos or as a novelty font.

It reminds me of the ornaments and bobbles that hang from the Christmas tree and someone has said it looked like toys on Christmas morning.

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Blown Out

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