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genericpill  07/02/2014
Great Font
PulpPoet  17/02/2014
Terrible. Uses blank spaces for caps, requiring custom edits to make this font usable.
Do you mind making the rest of the punctuation, capitals and European letters?
CraziiMatrixx  28/02/2020
This is a great font, despite the capital letters are just a blank space.
kaasman104297  15/04/2021
great font,i would like to see so more work on the capital letters and as an exampls the "ä" and the rest of the special letter/characters before i download it
Im REVA  08/08/2023
Is this font free for commercial use?
CSOCSO  13/12/2023
This font is buggy. You can NOT use capital letters otherwise nothing will show up. Write in lowercase!!

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