Registered on June 13, 2014
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Haley Wakamatsu [UkiyoMoji Fonts]

Born 02-05-1999 (24 years old, Aquarius)
Japan (Hokkaido)

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Free font licence (2023)

1) When reuploading the font, please credit the original creator, UkiyoMoji Fonts.

2) Usage for warlike or violent purposes is prohibited. Examples include weapons such as guns and bombs, military vehicles, and digital reproductions of prohibited products, as of a video game or computer graphics.

3) Usage for explicit or "adult" content (except for ones considered explicit solely from crude language) is strongly discouraged.

4) Please contact the original creator ( for permission to copyright a logo using one of my fonts.

5) If a font is used in a commercial product, proper credit must be given if possible. Packaging and advertising are two examples where I do not consider it "possible". In these cases, explicit permission for usage must be granted by the foundry beforehand.

6) Where these rules do not apply, free fonts made by UkiyoMoji Fonts are subject to the latest version of the Open Font License.


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