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Waltard Wais [AtomicAcid]


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This person is a critically acclaimed person, acclaimed by a critically acclaimed, critical claimer. Oh yes, that is what I would have said, if he was actually critically acclaimed. Oh well, you can't let the claimers get the best of you, I guess, but then again you can, and that sounds kinda fun. Lets get to the story now. This person, from the very beginning of time, has always been a devolved narwhal, one that has been left without a horn. Stranded among the horned narwhal society, survival of the fittest and Charles Darwin (plus some polar bears) may have killed him, but instead, he was raised by neon colored wolves in an arctic cave, where he at least learned manners. When the wolves got boring, like most things do, he decided to make change. He decided to conform to the society of the humans. What a mistake.


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