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21/09/2022 alle 02:45  [risposta]  Fontís name

Carattere Identificato: Mark My Words

19/09/2022 alle 01:04  [risposta]  LOST MY REQUEST

15/09/2022 alle 08:24  [risposta]  Wavey Font?

15/09/2022 alle 01:23  [risposta]  Wavey Font?

Carattere Identificato: American Purpose

13/09/2022 alle 08:18  [risposta]  Trying to contact author about licence fee

Thank you. I'm not the author, but as far as I'm concerned, it seems to be a one time payment.

13/09/2022 alle 06:05  [risposta]  Trying to contact author about licence fee

Which font are you talking about?

Unfortunately, if they don't reply, there's not much you can do. You can choose another font. Or you can stick with your first idea. And if they ever complain, you can always bring up the fact that you tried to contact them.

06/09/2022 alle 04:40  [risposta]  Font please?

Carattere Identificato: Capture it

29/08/2022 alle 04:30  [risposta]  BRASIL

Carattere Identificato: Papercute

29/08/2022 alle 02:55  [risposta]  help pls

"… insano..."

Carattere Identificato: Arial

22/08/2022 alle 08:04  [risposta]  What is this font?

Carattere Identificato: Blur

Carattere Identificato: Big Noodle Titling

22/08/2022 alle 02:04  [risposta]  What font


Carattere Identificato: Channel

15/08/2022 alle 01:40  [risposta]  Dagames "Go the Distance" font

Carattere Identificato: Poplar

15/08/2022 alle 01:27  [risposta]  Super Freaky Girl

15/08/2022 alle 01:02  [risposta]  ik zoek een lettertype, wie kan mij helpen?


You need to post a picture of what you're looking for in this forum:

12/08/2022 alle 04:02  [risposta]  Game Grumps Font

I've updated the link, but I was unable to find a working link to purchase it.

You're showing two posts from different accounts.

The "Original" one was removed because the image was considered to be manually enlarged. An email has been sent regarding this issue when the thread was removed.

Your post used an existing image, so it hasn't been manipulated.

There is nothing wrong about this, and it just follows the rules of the forum that are mentioned when you create a new thread.

10/08/2022 alle 08:12  [risposta]  Name font ?


Carattere Identificato: Cheap Potatoes Black

28/07/2022 alle 08:10  [risposta]  Are my font still in riview or rejected?

I'm sorry to say your fonts haven't been reviewed yet.

26/07/2022 alle 01:26  [risposta]  Submitted Font Not Published

I'm sorry to say your font hasn't been reviewed yet.

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