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06/08/2020 à 08:32  [réponse]  Looking for a Font

Please post your picture here:

04/08/2020 à 15:45  [réponse]  someone to send me Candice fixed?

It's a commercial font so if you need to use it, you have to buy it.

04/08/2020 à 10:33  [réponse]  someone to send me Candice fixed?

Candice is a commercial font that can be bought here:

31/07/2020 à 11:32  [réponse]  police

31/07/2020 à 09:22  [réponse]  police

Police identifiée : Hotel De Paris

Just a quick message to say I've followed up in a private message as you also sent me one earlier.

28/07/2020 à 09:56  [réponse]  I submitted my font and nothing...

So there are a few issues I'd like to address.

First of all, we have major delays at the moment because of the summer holidays and other reasons - we are working on major changes and these changes take more time than initially planned. At the same time there is an increase of submissions. This is not an attempt to avoid our responsibility but just a short explanation as to why things are taking more time at the moment.

Then on the "no email is sent" part. This message is actually quite old on the site and may not be entirely relevant anymore. The reason is that we changed this years ago and now send emails when a font has technical issues that prevent it from being uploaded on Dafont. Thousands of emails are being sent actually. So the message is technically still true of course but I'd say 90% of rejected fonts get an email.

24/07/2020 à 09:47  [réponse]  I'm searching for any font with smudges

If you're only looking for something similar, you can take a look here:

23/07/2020 à 10:08  [réponse]  YEAH

The "YEAH" part

Police identifiée : Dumbnerd

Hi Joe,

Thank you for taking care of this on your side. It's almost a perfect solution. The only small issue is that I wouldn't recommend to use the .notdef glyph to include your custom preview. I'd recommend using a glyph in the Private Use Area or alternatively you can use a regularly used symbol like @, #, etc, if they're not included in your font of course.

Apart from that, it seems ok on our side, at least after quickly checking the font file.

Your font has been submitted by two different accounts. Please do not submit your fonts several times as it takes us more time to review every submission. Your font has been reviewed and should be added soon.

Extrack & Combine a dit  

I was submitting a new font in but still not accept.
Please help me solve my problem.


Also do not submit your fonts several times with different accounts. This creates more confusion on our side and will most likely get your accounts flagged.

29/06/2020 à 08:46  [réponse]  monogram license

It seems like the author passed away a few years ago:

26/06/2020 à 09:54  [réponse]  Hey what does donation ware mean?

As it's been said in other topics, you should always contact the author and check with them.

26/06/2020 à 08:30  [réponse]  What does "free for personal use" mean?

frd a dit  
jerseygirl a dit  
Have you read the rest of the posts that came before yours?

There is no general rule on how you can use "free for personal use" fonts. You didn't mention a specific one, so we can't help you there anyway. Contact the font maker.

As usual this is the best advice and you should follow it.

25/06/2020 à 08:38  [réponse]  Submit pending is to long


We currently have some major delays in dealing with new fonts. Your fonts will be reviewed and will be added as soon as possible if they don't have any mistakes. In the meantime we ask people not to submit their fonts several times - which creates more delays. We understand the frustration of the situation and we apologize for it. We hope to clear this issue as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

25/06/2020 à 08:37  [réponse]  I need this free font, please!

It's a commercial font. If you need to use it, you have to buy it.

05/06/2020 à 05:51  [réponse]  edit akhbar mt font

It looks like you're trying to modify an existing/commercial font which is not something allowed. Therefore your links have been removed.

04/06/2020 à 04:33  [réponse]  fashwave retrowave vaporwave font

Check the link jerseygirl gave you. The lowercase and uppercase are different. It is the correct font.

03/06/2020 à 10:09  [réponse]  patick

younedesign a dit  
Ce n'est pas tout à fait cette police d'écriture

Elle a juste été légèrement modifiée mais c'est bien la bonne police.

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