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01/10/2011 à 08:34  [réponse]  Yogood

Thank you Koeie, appreciate it.

26/09/2011 à 11:51  [réponse]  Yogood

does anyone know if it exists?or is just artwork?

25/09/2011 à 05:20  [post initial]  Yogood

Looking for this or something like this.


16/09/2011 à 05:02  [réponse]  Habitat

Thank you SashiX

15/09/2011 à 13:16  [post initial]  Habitat

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06/09/2011 à 04:11  [réponse]  Dizzee Rascal cover


drf sending me in the right direction

05/09/2011 à 16:24  [réponse]  Dizzee Rascal cover

want to bring this one back to the top of the list, anyone know if it's artwork or a font?

04/09/2011 à 18:36  [post initial]  Dizzee Rascal cover

Just wondering if anyone knows is this a font or handmade artwork?? If you know something similar it will probably do, thanks.

23/08/2011 à 15:47  [réponse]  Hand written

Thanks guys, was aware it's not an actual font just wondering if there was something similar. I shall create my own so. Thanks.

23/08/2011 à 14:23  [post initial]  Hand written

But anyone recognise this or something like it?

11/08/2011 à 17:19  [réponse]  This Art Deco type thing?

Thanks Jake, It looks about right. Much appreciated.

11/08/2011 à 04:26  [post initial]  This Art Deco type thing?

Anyone got an idea? looks very familiar.

18/07/2011 à 11:35  [réponse]  ANOTHER BLOCK

Looks good enough for what I want, thanks drf

16/07/2011 à 06:43  [post initial]  ANOTHER BLOCK

Similar to my last query but ever so slightly different, anyone know it?

15/07/2011 à 19:25  [post initial]  This one

Any ideas? I see lots of similar fonts but nothing exactly matching, that and I'm real lazy.

21/06/2011 à 18:58  [réponse]  I need your help


Police suggérée : Stereofidelic  (Déjà suggérée ici)

21/06/2011 à 06:01  [réponse]  Anyone?

This is good news, i really like this style but only want to embark on making something similar if I know it's unique. Cool I think!

Thanks sashix

20/06/2011 à 18:43  [réponse]  Anyone?

Anyone any further ideas? roco?

19/06/2011 à 17:50  [post initial]  Anyone?

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17/06/2011 à 03:06  [réponse]  Anyone know this font?

Roco knows best! especially actual typeface queries and not just the lazy people who post helvetica and watch us scurry around. Roco knows his shit.

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