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Hand written

23/08/2011 à 14:23

But anyone recognise this or something like it?

Hand written

Ce n'est probablement pas une police

23/08/2011 à 14:47

Sorry but this is not a font.

23/08/2011 à 14:51

Jeongju a dit  
Sorry but this is not a font.

Hes looking for ones that look like it. he even said its not a font

23/08/2011 à 14:51

You know Jeongju, it appears on a screen, it is readable ... thus ... it is a font ...

Some also eat the burgers that they see on a screen ...

23/08/2011 à 15:47

Thanks guys, was aware it's not an actual font just wondering if there was something similar. I shall create my own so. Thanks.

23/08/2011 à 19:03

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