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16/06/2011 à 19:38  [réponse]  Anyone know this font?

Cheers Roco knew it would be you! thanks.

16/06/2011 à 17:32  [post initial]  Anyone know this font?

it might be called triple stroke speedball but I can't find an actual font.

14/06/2011 à 18:24  [réponse]  Quelle est cette typo ?

Yeah my bodoni was out of boredom.. it does look very familiar I'd easily got with Clarendon. It's the i that's throwing me.

14/06/2011 à 18:23  [réponse]  Quelle est cette typo ?

Standard CT condensed medium

Police suggérée : Standard CT

14/06/2011 à 18:12  [réponse]  Quelle est cette typo ?

Maybe a Bodoni bold?

Police suggérée : Bodoni Bold

11/06/2011 à 10:25  [réponse]  what it is?

first I thought Goudy Heavyface, but now I think it's Westin Black.

Police suggérée : Westin Black.

11/06/2011 à 10:20  [réponse]  what is this font?

Looks like Trebuchet bold to me

Police identifiée : Trebuchet Bold

10/06/2011 à 06:12  [réponse]  Font Name?Please =)

"JULY" is "Lumos", a potteresque font...

Police identifiée : Lumos

Édité le 10/06/2011 à 09:03 par rocamaco

09/06/2011 à 17:40  [réponse]  quel est cett font

Eurostile extended regular and bold

Police identifiée : Eurostile Extended

09/06/2011 à 17:36  [réponse]  font name request

You could make it from this

though not perfect

Police suggérée : Chubu 08

09/06/2011 à 16:56  [réponse]  Anyone know what this font is?

I'm sure it's cooper black with some effects

Police identifiée : Cooper Black

09/06/2011 à 16:54  [réponse]  Font Name?

Think it's very close to Bank gothic

Police identifiée : Bank Gothic Medium

08/06/2011 à 08:39  [réponse]  FONT

Perhaps Bodoni stencil

Police suggérée : Bodoni Stencil

08/06/2011 à 06:09  [réponse]  font name?

I think it's Strangelove but, You could try My Wankhands or Suicide Draft as alternatives.

Police suggérée : Wank Hands

Édité le 08/06/2011 à 12:10 par Rodolphe

08/06/2011 à 06:04  [réponse]  fonts

Think it's Braggadocio

Police identifiée : Braggadocio

07/06/2011 à 19:02  [réponse]  Police "Société Générale"

personally like this as an alternate.

Police suggérée : Priori

07/06/2011 à 19:00  [réponse]  Police "Société Générale"

it is a custom typeface, so you will have to create or find something close that works.

Police suggérée : A Custom Sans

07/06/2011 à 18:54  [réponse]  Police "Société Générale"

The G on Blair is very different, have you considered Gill Sans or Futura as alternates?

Police suggérée : Gill Sans

Édité le 07/06/2011 à 19:01 par Rodolphe

07/06/2011 à 16:52  [réponse]  Quirky font identification


Police identifiée : Freebooter Script

07/06/2011 à 16:45  [réponse]  Script font

I stand by previous statement, but continue to be awesome, can't believe you need to even ask for help finding a font...

I'm over it.

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