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16/02/2011 à 00:30  [réponse]  hurts font

Police suggérée : Weiss

06/02/2011 à 14:05  [réponse]  Please help

Not entirely correct as the S is wrong but it is on so you can download and play around with it.

Police suggérée : Bebas Neue

it's now correct but Candlemas could definitely be made ot look similar.

Police suggérée : Candlemas

13/12/2010 à 11:26  [réponse]  fonts?

This looks a little like Zebrawood to me.Though not the exact font

Police suggérée : Zebrawood  (Mauvaise réponse)

10/12/2010 à 17:27  [réponse]  Help :) cdn.2

You can check out my font POLLO ASADO based on something similar though my is more oblique i may update it to a straighter one in the future.

Police suggérée : Pollo Asado  (Mauvaise réponse)

is this standard procedure for it's not a money thing for me personally but it is a recognition thing. If anyone knows the reason for this drop me a line. it may be part of the Terms and conditions that i ignored, but I'd still like to know.

20/10/2010 à 11:53  [réponse]  what is this font? please

Maybe Brush Script? a lighter one.

Police suggérée : Brush Script  (Mauvaise réponse)

20/10/2010 à 11:50  [réponse]  Little by Little

if you wanted the same effect Deftone Stylus would give you an oblique looking version of this.

20/10/2010 à 11:39  [réponse]  Salon du jeu vidéo

Metro DF?

Police identifiée : Metro DF

20/10/2010 à 11:36  [réponse]  Little by Little

Yep Unicorn would do the job with some tweaking

20/10/2010 à 11:36  [réponse]  Need this font

To be honest it looks a stretched helvetica rounded or a stretched arial rounded.

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