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ReD CoDe  14/12/2008

Love it!
moda2010  20/12/2008
gamdaaaaaaaaaaaaa a5eeeeeeeer 7aga:D:D
moda2010  20/12/2008
it means very cool in arabic:D:D
GuardStud08  21/12/2008
I love it. Its perfect for my Sims 2 Movie intros. ^-^
Norrie  27/12/2008
Maybe the best I have ever seen! and I've have been looking at fonts my entire life (my dad was a Graphic Designer)I've done my site ' ' in it. Thankyou from Central London to Hungary!
bumbayo  auteur de Grymmoire   30/12/2008
thnx for all
moda2010, arabic is nice language
tmr  07/01/2009
its beautiful. I really like it

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