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Identified fonts by charc

hey ive found it,
1) u go to his website,
2) right click a word on the website, then click inspect
3) u should see elements, consoles... etc, then u see an arrow next to profiles
4) click it then click applications
5) there should be a menu on the left side that says apllications, storage, cache.. frames (the most important one) should be on the bottom
6) click on the "top" arrow below frames, then click on the arrow with "fonts" a couple fonts should show up (the one u want should be in the middle (its called gnash)
7) double left click on the gnash regular webfont and save it, it should save as a woff2
8) open a new tab, go to
9) select ttf then the select font button
10) drag and drop the gnash regular webfont from where u saved it into the box where it says drop files here then click done
11) once its done click save your font, then "download attachment"
12) save that zip file
13) then just click on it, open the folder, the double click converted-files folder
the gnash.ttf font should be there, click it then click install
hope it helped , if u dont have winrar to unzip it just download it for free here

Identified font: Gnash

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