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*buggar! what have I got myself into?! who are these people?!!! LMAO*

I'm with somewhatdog on this one re. the 3 common industry terms and I have to say 'private' confused me too. Thanks for all the advice and wisdom everyone, probably done as much as I can do. No doubt we'll catch up here again sometime in the future. Thanks again!

Settle down people! I don't know who Jaynz or koeiekat are replying to, however all I want to know is does the 'free' mean that I can use the 'Diogenes' font for commercial purposes and not face any comeback from the author when I start making money from using their work? The read me file does not answer this question. Don't know about the rest of you and your love for head banging smileys - all I want to hear is a yes or a no.

so after having sifted through all the smart comments and finding some possibly useful bits... in the case of the 'Diogenes' font (which is the one I'm wanting to use), the font is apparently free and the read me file in the zipped folder doesn't make any concrete definition as to how the font can be used re. personal or commercial usage. The file tells a story about a lecturer asking people about their honesty. To me that's REALLY random and clear as mud. Does the 'free' mean that I can use this font for commercial purposes and not face any comeback from the author? I've left a comment for the author on this site (no other details are provided for this author that I can find) but am yet to receive a response from them.
It would be much more helpful if these read me files gave more clarification on the use of fonts - yes or no ideally!

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