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Identified font: Babycakes

Apr 08, 2012 at 05:05  [reply]  Ice Cream Maker font

This is the closest matching font I could find.

Suggested font: Baby Kruffy

Then how can I submit my own fonts, when I don't have any software that has an import image option & allows you to save without buying a license?!?!? They're probably nonexistent here.

What the... What is recursion? Anyone know? I guess I'll have to try FontForge. If that doesn't do for me, I'm not making ANY of my own fonts, & I need to contact DaFont & tell them this "I verified several fonts that didn't exist here before. Why weren't they reviewed at all? Does the submit option only accept fonts made by someone themselves?"

Koeiekat, tell me already!!!

Please tell me HOW you did it!

@drf_: How did you do this?
@daaams: I am NOT!

I guess there's nothing you can do with it. Let's just say one day your new computer will probably end up like your old one. Technology is not easy at first, but it will be when you get into it. My desktop is 7 years old & still works. The fonts may work fine on a new computer.

My OS: XP Home Edition
Nothing happens when I unzip a font
I don't use IE much anymore. Browser: Firefox

BTW, how DID the system on your old computer get messed up in the first place?

No wonder his computer was acting like that. I wasn't rude or anything. I'm also another younger computer expert. Not 100% expert, but I was able to help. I knew there was something wrong with the system.
@mthole505: By the way, what did you with your old laptop?

Happy to help!

@mthole505: You're gonna have to use whatever fonts you have installed. After double-clicking any zipped font, MY computer is fine. Looks like this is a VERY uncommon problem. You're gonna have to call a technician to fix your computer (which is expensive). The problem might've stopped.

Apr 03, 2012 at 00:25  [reply]  Headhunterz Sacrifice

Identified font: Agency FB

drf_ said  
Seriously, jackassgirl4ever, there's nothing wrong with the fonts on this site. Wasn't Facebook and Twitter invented for bored teenagers like you ? Why do you have to come over there to show your amazing personality to the world ?

He's just gonna have to use whatever fonts he has installed on his computer.

I want this font so badly too! Why didn't someone make one? Since this font doesn't exist, I'll have to make it myself.

Get the fonts from another site (if they have any you want).

@Jaynz: What is recursion?
@koeiekat: How did you do this?

daaams said  
samuraijacksgirl4ever grow up please

Seriously! Gimme a break!

Well, I'm not submitting ANY fonts here until I can find a decent software! I give up! I tried EVERY font software. Font Creator is the only font software I know how to use, but it doesn't let you save the files. I wanna find a software that lets you save without buying a license & has an improt image option!

How am I gonna contact them? There's no contact form on the contact page. I hovered over the "click here" link, and it's by email. Isn't there ANY way?

Mar 30, 2012 at 04:23  [reply]  Winx Club LOGO Request!

I checked myself & there is no font like this. Since it's not a font, I'll have to make it myself (if I can find a decent software).

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