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dafont said  
Hello, it's because Festerom is a little bit crappy (+ inconsistent spacing and not readable enough...) and RexDiabolum is very nice but has also some kerning problems (big space between R and E for example) that's why I can't put it like that, but if you can fix it don't hesitate to upload it again!

Oh, it's because of that. Then I'll fix it, when I have time. (if I'm not lazy)

Nov 14, 2010 at 18:29  [initial post]  Are my fonts not accepted or what?

So... I was just thinking, why aren't my fonts, except for "Angsterdamn" appearing on this site, even after over a month, etc?
Because the only logical thing I could think of is that they're not accepted, but why would that happen? Is it because they don't have numbers and other 'extra' things?

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