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ash1234  Feb 17, 2008
levelart  Mar 07, 2008
if ur illustrator stops working it might be cos you'v just added this font.
It took me ages but narrowed it down to this little bitch.
StreetLingaz  Mar 11, 2008
Elegant, but simple. I like it. :) Good work.
CustomBusinessCards  Apr 21, 2008
Good work. It would suit almost any custom business card.
Katieg09  Apr 22, 2008
my illustrator crashed n wudnt work on both my computers and then my indesign did the same .... after trying everything a friend said he thought it cud be a font problem and this was the only font i'd installed on my newly formatted computer and since ive deleted it my computers work again .... thanks alot for the trouble
yong//oneonezero  author of Zebra   May 07, 2008
I'm sorry to hear about the typeface causing your computers to crash, however, I do test the typeface amongst my friends before release.
aw  May 22, 2008
unfortunately I did not read the comments before installing this font. illustrator crashed over and over, and it took an hour of removing and reinstalling fonts to find that this was the one causing it. maybe it has something to with the fact I'm on a mac, cause it appears it works for some.
x_dawn_x  Jun 03, 2008
i have downloadwed this font to try and get it on microsoft word and im wondering if some one can help me and tel me how to get this font on to microsof word please x
yong//oneonezero  author of Zebra   Jun 06, 2008
hi, the nice guys from dafont has actually helped me debug this file, dont think itll crash on you anymore, hope this typeface is able to help you in whatever needs. thanks.
wburgos  Jul 19, 2008
Am I able to use this font as a logo for my company?

jaygiskhan  Jul 23, 2008
Nice font. the first version worked fine on my comp. (Mac...)
So thank you for this work !!
yong//oneonezero  author of Zebra   Jul 30, 2008
yes, theres no limit on usage, feel very free to use it
Melliexo  Sep 03, 2008
I have read wburgos question as it applies to me too. Just thought I would drop a comment on how amazing this font is and a huge thankyou for allowing it for use. Your work is greatly appreciated.
SoFonty  Sep 03, 2008
cute but not cute enough for me to download
Ashley Bynes  Oct 20, 2008
So nice!
loraj  Jan 29, 2009
when was this font updated? i downloaded it after June '08, and it still caused illustrator not to work. i do very much like this font. it's a shame it ruins illustrator.
Collette  Feb 25, 2009
This is a really nice font, used for all purposes! Thank you for making it and I hope you make others in the future!
claudia42  Jan 31, 2010
Could you confirm that there is no problem to use this font for profesional use. Thanks a lot.
yong//oneonezero  author of Zebra   Feb 25, 2010
Yes, Please feel free to use for all purposes. Some people have face technical difficulties that regretfully I'm unable to resolve, I'm sorry about that.
fearless40  Oct 26, 2014
I absolutely adore this font and I have been through soooo many! One problem though... No capital letters? Please tell me I'm missing something! I have to be able to use this font, I love it! Have to have caps though.....

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