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XCalibra88  Feb 13, 2017
Im currently making a card game, and i would like to use this font. I will eventually get around to selling the printed out copy of my cards, but i just want to confirm if could use it?
typodermic  author of Xirod   Feb 16, 2017
It's no problem and thanks!
Adir06  Sep 14, 2017
Can I use the font for my personal website?
Adir06  Sep 14, 2017
Adir06  Sep 14, 2017
(this projects will be free to download)
typodermic  author of Xirod   Sep 20, 2017
Personal (or commercial) website: yes unless you're embedding the font in which case you'll need a web license and fonts in an web format. You video projects it's fine. If you're distributing the fonts with a template, contact me and I'll explain. http://typodermicfonts.com/
Adir06  Sep 24, 2017
I read the licenses, thank you.
If I post a download file for my video editing, is this allowed?
Adir06  Sep 26, 2017
This means they can use the font in the file.
typodermic  author of Xirod   Sep 27, 2017
As long as you don't include the actual font with the file.
Rublo211  Aug 02, 2022
We are making a comic for the WebToon platform, and we were wondering if it is possible to use this typography for the logo of our project? Thanks!
typodermic  author of Xirod   Aug 03, 2022
It's no problem, there's a commercial use license included which allows logo use.
Rublo211  Aug 03, 2022
BonnieWasHere  Feb 15, 2023
geometry dash font 9

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