Wolf's Rain

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Aravias  Sep 08, 2008
Ohmygosh. Lovely. I luff Wolf's Rain. Thanks much for uploading. 8DD
__Doc_  author of Wolf's Rain   Sep 10, 2008
Anytime. Glad I could do my part being a WR fanboy
typo001  Nov 15, 2008
Wow You made this just by looking at the logo. That is some talent. Great work
__Doc_  author of Wolf's Rain   Nov 22, 2008
I sure did, and It was my FIRST font I've ever made. Dedicated. Ty for the comment
__Doc_  author of Wolf's Rain   Dec 21, 2008
I'm glad you like it -- Thanks for the comment
ccrwnn  Feb 05, 2009
this is amazing!!! great job :D
__Doc_  author of Wolf's Rain   May 02, 2009
Thank You
Yuuki  Jun 21, 2009
I love wolf's rain, gosh, this is amazing
__Doc_  author of Wolf's Rain   Jul 16, 2009
Thanks for the comment. I'm glad you like it!
MarineEverGreen  Feb 18, 2011
But its REALLY cool! :)
dagger_kitsune  Jun 03, 2011
Wonderful font. It makes me remember the nights I spend up late trying to catch an episode of the show. ^_^
SebastiansKitten17  Aug 31, 2011
love this font, it's awsome!!
__Doc_  author of Wolf's Rain   Oct 08, 2012
Thanks guys!
SpaceOctopus  Dec 24, 2012
I'm commenting to warn you, among all others who were also included in this huge license violation, that this person has been redistributing, removing all readme files and licenses, acting as if it was their font and telling others they are allowed to use your font commercially. Whether or not that is true for your font, it's not true for almost all the others included in this package. People like this piss me off, so I'm just trying to let you know about this.

__Doc_  author of Wolf's Rain   Dec 12, 2013
Thanks, SpaceOctpus. I believe that has been removed from dA now

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