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sleepywagon627  Dec 11, 2011
I have a client who is interested for using this for their logo. If you could, please email me for the permissions and details at alexk.flanagan[at]gmail.com

Thank you.
nikkos87  Apr 28, 2012
Can i use this free font for an advertising brochure? It's a brochure for a couple of weeks. Can you e-mail me for the permissions at nikki_ververda@hotmail.com? Thanks!
rkopec09  Jun 04, 2012
I am working with a company that is possibly going to use this typeface for their logo. If possible, please email me the permissions and any other information needed in order to use it to rkopec09@gmail.com, please. Thank you!
mgmuranaka  Nov 27, 2012
Amazing fonts man. Very impressive!
preston0518  Feb 20, 2013
I was wondering if I could have commercial permission for this font? Email: tiffany.lauren.baker@gmail.com Thanks!
colajayne  Mar 30, 2015
Please would you grant me permission to use this font for commercial purposes? Email: colajayne[at]hotmail.com Thank you.
abennett  May 15, 2015
Hi, we are a academy school called William Bradford Academy.
(Upper School)
Being an academy I'm guessing we are classed as a business now so hence asking if we can have permission to use this font on our network free of charge or not?
Can you e-mail me on abennett@williambradford.leics.sch.uk asap due to students would like to use this font as part of their exams. Many thanks - Andrew Bennett (Technician)
firedup  Jun 27, 2016
Just wondering why everyone is asking for permission to use the font commercially? Looks like it's marked as 100% Free Commercial Use, correct? Just making sure I'm not missing something - I want to use it commercially too. Great font!
Rabi17  Dec 17, 2017
It's beautiful font
this font can be used for commercial (logo) purposes?
Email me black- rabiandruma@gmail.com

Thank You
alexsekza  Feb 08, 2018
I love this police, can I use it for my logo/website (i'm a photographer)?
Can you send me the permission?
This is my email : alexsekza@gmail.com
Thanks a lot for your amazing job!

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