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Beji  Jan 26, 2007
J'aime beaucoup ce genre de police en plein et déliés un peu crade sur les bords ! Bon boulot et merci !
lozzachick  Jan 29, 2007
Nice font
annaOMline  Jan 31, 2007
Really beautifull font! with lot of work on it. Thanks for sharing to create our Royal designs ;)
credo  Jan 31, 2007
Gorgeous! Thanks so much ^_^
tanyaiscrazy  Jan 31, 2007
This font is awesome! It goes with everything!
This is my new and ultimate favourite font right here!

Thanks so much for sharing it.. it's spectacular! And for allowing us to use it at no cost!
Cyanide  Jan 31, 2007
Super font :)
suz92  Feb 06, 2007
really awesome font!
NEMESISG5  Feb 07, 2007
yeap crazy one ! love it a lot !
AntiFlag  Feb 07, 2007
A gorgeous font. I like it very much. thanks! ;)
Tokyo Vogue.  Feb 08, 2007
This font is my new boyfriend.
setobell  Feb 09, 2007
This is a really pretty font, thanks for making it. ^^
djpingu  Feb 11, 2007
thanks for this awesome font ^^
cree774  Feb 19, 2007
I just love this font! ^_^
agriffiths  Feb 23, 2007
love this font goes with alot of formal designs
j!GokU sHoUJo  Feb 25, 2007
I always love something that have connection with fairy tale and ancient times. This font is really great in describing it ^^ Thank you very much.
Andrew2  Feb 28, 2007
I like the question mark design, Fits well...I'm gonna download this and Fit it in somewhere, Beautiful Work. I hope to see more!!!!!!!!!!
garylc1sober  Mar 01, 2007
I'm sorry but I'm at a lose. I moved the font folder and had those fonts installed but remain were they were. Consequently I lost the fonts. Anyway I came back here and downloaded the King and Quenn font but there is nothing of it when I unzip the folder. I've done this over and over with still nothing showing up but the font description. What's up?
veezy  Mar 13, 2007
georgeous font!!
HeDy  Mar 24, 2007
Tihis is very beutiful font. Thanks, now iam happy!
*EverFly*  Mar 28, 2007
¡ Guapa escritura !
:.Tiger.:  Mar 31, 2007
I love this font, it really helped me on a banner I was making, you spent a lot of time on it. *thumbs up* Awesome! :)
angelprincess_07  Apr 07, 2007
nice font i love it
kiest_05  Apr 07, 2007
do people have to pay to use your font
JoelRules87  Apr 09, 2007
This is really a commercial-quality font! One of the best there is!
3tailer  Apr 16, 2007
DipperDipper  Apr 17, 2007
Cabrade  Apr 22, 2007
J'adore !!!!!!!
C.Oriina  Apr 25, 2007
verry nice, i love it!!
glorifiedg  May 18, 2007
I love this font, but I'm curios. The license says "demo" and there's no site listed. Where can I get a full version for commercial use?
ibo  May 22, 2007
SLM!Tükmüsünüz?Bana bir LOGO Lagzim Firmamiz icin bize yardimci olurmusunuz?Tabiki Para vericez.tsk-ibo
Sketchy  May 24, 2007
Excellent font thanks.
mintbox  Jun 11, 2007
Love this font...thanx heaps
setjeo  Jun 13, 2007
Siyabonga kakhulu mf'thu.
Mpho Setjeo
j'adore  Jun 16, 2007
Why can't all fonts be like this???I LOVE IT!Thankyou!
tina_da_genius  Jun 20, 2007
Best Font Ever!
xLuna  Jul 01, 2007
Amazing! Really, thank you soooo much!
dafontman07  Jul 04, 2007
that shit is tight as a mug
Spellwitch  Jul 19, 2007
masahiro  Jul 25, 2007
cialyth  Sep 03, 2007
I saw your font used for the MTV video awards preview commercial.

Congratulations. :)
verolka  Sep 06, 2007
hoojky lidičky!!mě to nejde stáhnout pls kdo mi rozumí a ví jak se to stahuje at napíše na blog:
děkuji všeem
colleen9  Oct 09, 2007
I love this font! I would love to be able to contact the author to see if I might use it in our mailings. It's so beautiful!
colleen9  Oct 09, 2007
Can anyone help me with this?
i hate twats  Oct 30, 2007
why has this shit font got 43 comments u twats
wizzah  Oct 31, 2007
This is like the most fabulicious font ever!
<3 wizzah
ambiew07  Nov 08, 2007
I love this! Im getting this as a tattoo in German. Its going to say Leben Sei Frie. [means Live Free]. On my Rib Cage. I love it. I get all my tattoo fonts off here. && this one is so PERFECT for my german one!
PaperTiger  Dec 15, 2007
A beautiful font. I look forward to using it. Thank you.
BebezGurl  Dec 20, 2007
ABoslutely gorgeous the cocacola 1 in a way
(coca cola 1 is called loki cola btw)

ielley25  Jan 06, 2008
i really like this, i just don't know how to use it. can i know how?
babii-girl  Feb 10, 2008
Thats Lovly. I Really Loke This..x x
tiagoadias  Feb 29, 2008
Just the BEST !!!!

Mardney  Mar 03, 2008
Is beautiful font!!!!!!

The best!!!!
hahahahaLOL  Mar 04, 2008
i like this font
3tailer  Mar 06, 2008
I like it!
ShaunaRose  Mar 08, 2008
this is cool
vpatrone  Mar 10, 2008
i'd love to use this for a tattoo...can you please contact me at thanks!
DaRKeST  Mar 15, 2008
gerçekten harika bir font!! teşekkürler..
ramazandemir55  Mar 18, 2008
nasıl imndirecez
Maria McCorry  Apr 10, 2008
I have been wanting to do a fairy tale scrapbook layout on my daughter and I just could not find the perfect font. This is it !!! I love it. So beautiful. Thank you
luong  Apr 16, 2008
I want dowload this font !
Kate&SarahBesties4Life  Apr 21, 2008
This is awesome im in love with it, shood b in 1st place
simono  May 05, 2008
I'd like to use a "S" for a tattoo. Could you please contact me
numeral33  May 15, 2008
ta mortal !!
lieumang  Jun 05, 2008
wow, thank alot
devotiomoderna  Jun 25, 2008
This made my wedding invitation -- thanks!
blackeyedsue  Oct 18, 2008
I love this font! Can I have permission to use it on a hang tag? I have an independent clothing line called Cherry Blossom in Canada.
pook  Oct 26, 2008
This made my wedding invitation -- thanks!
GuardStud08  Dec 21, 2008
I've really liked this font. Bravo :D ^-^
flipdarius  Feb 04, 2009
I loved this!

Would you give me any tip on making grunge, complex fonts? I find difficult to render then with FontLab. Do you use another software? Or have any special plugin? Thanks!
gurjeethara  Feb 26, 2009
Great , i like it THANKx
gianiitaa  Apr 15, 2009
ta wena la letra pooo
luv2tatu  Jul 14, 2009
Can I use this font for commercial purposes? Kindly let me know. Thank you.
ladiesbydesign  Nov 18, 2009
Love this font! Is it available to use for commercial purposes? Please contact me Thank you!
bossemilio  Mar 21, 2010
j adore
Clockwork Lime  Apr 04, 2010
I adore this font.
SemioticSleep  May 04, 2010
I was wondering if you knew that Twilight used your font, if they didn't give you a donation thats somewhat wrong.
nyehman  Jan 13, 2011
this a great font for "in living memory of xxxxxxxxx a mom, a grandma, and a great person. we will miss you" for my grandma's wake and funeral
jewelsmac6  Jan 31, 2011
What a beautiful font! I have a question about full ownership/licensing for this font. Please me email me at to discuss. Thank you!  Feb 17, 2011
Amazing font. Such character to it. What are your commercial use policies?
helen30  Feb 20, 2011

I love your font and appreciate your hard work very much. Would you give me permission for commercial use on postcards? Please reply to
EmilyMimi  Apr 30, 2012
love this font! <3
ottilieweber  Aug 02, 2012
Hey I'd like to use this font for a project of mine can you email me at
kaisercat  Apr 12, 2013
Hi, I love this font and was wondering if you would give me permission for commercial use on gift tags? Please reply to Many Thanks
Stells8  Jun 13, 2013
Hi! I love this font! I would like to know if you could give me permission for commercial use on a book cover? Please, could you reply to Thank you very much!
zqdrake  Jul 25, 2013
I want to use this font as the header (my name) on my business card. I'm a metalsmith, jewelry and costume designer, and fire performer and fire tool maker. It's perfect for my card. Do i need to do anything in order to be able to use it? Contact me at Thank you!
pritypenny22  Oct 15, 2013
I would like to use your font in my company logo. Please contact me at
Deleted user 815886  Nov 06, 2014
great font design
umbyangel  Jan 13, 2015
hey can i use this font for commercial use?
let me know
alysdexia  Apr 09, 2018
The Copyright template and release here seem to mean public domain. However you can ask the designer at

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