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saiiif  Jun 01, 2015
what are the copyright policies for this font ?
PINDAROTS'  author of The Bold Font   Jun 02, 2015
dear saiiif, you can do whatever you want with it! it's a 100% free font :)
joshw  Oct 21, 2015
Great font - thanks for the generosity!
K3EVIN  Mar 04, 2016
I can use this letter to a design of a logo?
PINDAROTS'  author of The Bold Font   Mar 08, 2016
Yes you can K3EVIN :)
jouley  Mar 30, 2016
Hi, PINDAROTS'. I'm a freelance illustrator and I just wanted to know if it was okay to use this font completely free of charge for a book cover design that is to be sold commercially, or if there's any license I must purchase?

Please contact me with your reply at as soon as you're able to.

Thank you!
notesarte  May 08, 2016
Hello!! We love your work!!! We would like to use this letter in our logo. Please let me know if is possible completely free for commercial use. Thank u so much!!
PINDAROTS'  author of The Bold Font   May 09, 2016
hi notesarte! you can do whatever you want with it! it's a 100% free font :)
Deleted user 930279  Jul 21, 2016
Cool font, looks great, but the kerning could use some work.
iTailsDoll  Apr 23, 2017
Hello, I liked your font! I can use this for my banners and thumbnails from my YouTube Channel?
PINDAROTS'  author of The Bold Font   Apr 25, 2017
Hi iTailsDoll, yeah please use it as much as you like! Good luck with your channel :)
iTailsDoll  Apr 30, 2017
Pindarots', I can add shadow, outline, etc. In this font?
iTailsDoll  Apr 30, 2017
Countour* (I'm using the Google Translator, sorry)
iTailsDoll  Apr 30, 2017
Correcting what I said: I can add shadow, contour, etc. In this font?
PINDAROTS'  author of The Bold Font   May 02, 2017
HI iTailsDoll, yeah go ahead and go crazy on my font. good luck! :)
jtosello  Jun 26, 2017
Hi Sven, love your font! I would like to use your font on a design to be printed on tshirts and sold commercially - can I do so? Thank you :)
PINDAROTS'  author of The Bold Font   Jun 29, 2017
Hi jtosello, yes you can! please use it as much as you like. Good luck with the tshirts! :)
landonbeamer  Sep 13, 2017
Hey Pindarots,

Love the font and wanted to use it for a poster campaign. Is there any way you can send me a copy of the licensing information at Thank you!
InsidersGameplay  Oct 12, 2017
Can you make lowercase letters with this font?
nathan.sirikumara  Oct 17, 2017
Hi Sven Pels! I love your font and notice you've listed it as 100% free here. I'm hoping to use it for the titles in my graduate student short film. May I use it for the film and for any posters/publicity material I make for it? The film will be submitted to festivals and possibly made available commercially at a later date.

Could you please send over any licensing information you have to and I can send over any info about the film should you require it. Thank you!
InsidersGameplay  Nov 14, 2017
Hi Sven, I love this font! This can work really for thumbnails.
Kendrah23  Feb 06, 2018
I would like to use your font “bebaus neue” commercially as well as for a tshirt line. Please lmk details if this is possible. Thank you!
Kendrah23  Feb 06, 2018
I’m sorry- wrong font- I meant the bold font. Forgive me!
yancruz  Mar 13, 2018
Hi Pindarots! This font is a perfect match to a logo that I'm making. I'd like to use it. :) Can you please send me a copy of it's licensing info? Thank you very much in advance!- Yan
AndreaIn13  May 08, 2018
Hi Pindarots',

we think that your font is perfect for some our projects.
Could you please send me any licensing info about this font to
Thank you in advance,

Smithyyy101  Jun 23, 2018
Love your font! Been great for my channel branding (thumbnails and banners, etc).
korbaut  Jul 21, 2018
I just spent 30 to 40 minutes doing some troubleshooting over this font, and I figured I'd post in here to (maybe) save someone some frustration in the future.

So, I have no idea why it's happening, but I've encountered the strangest behavior with this font. Word, Maya, and Photoshop are all seeing this font and displaying correctly- great. But, I was working with CSS and had trouble getting the font to display. It seemed like the font wasn't being pulled correctly despite me checking the code over and over.

I then did some testing. I found that using the font in Chrome resulted in a completely different font being used instead... okay, odd. I wound up opening Notepad and discovered that the font name in there wasn't "The Bold Font", but just "The Font"! And putting just, "The Font" into the CSS made it work! I'm not sure what exactly is happening here, but I've never seen anything like this. My guess is that the word "Bold" could be causing problems, but that seems like a hilarious oversight if that's the case. If you're having trouble, hopefully this helps.
DesignandA  Oct 14, 2018
Hi!! First of all thanks fir this beautiful typography!! I really love it!! Please let me kown if I can use it free for commercial posters, designs and artworks and if I can change it with illustrator and photoshop. Thank you so much!!
j.balcerek  Feb 05, 2019
Love your font! Nice work! Can I use it in a Logo? Pls send me a message .
mir mostafa ali  Jul 01, 2019
Can I use this font in my commercial work?
calla0136  Nov 17, 2019
Hello, I want to put your font in our cosmetics container. I'd like to know if it's available without any other procedures. Thank you.
rplach  Dec 03, 2019
Hi Sven I would like to use this font in an upcoming television series and am wondering whether you require a license for commercial use of your copyright work. Please let me know. Feel free to email me at Thx!
henry23  May 08, 2020
Hello, can I use that font for commercial purposes?
Please send confirmation to
Thanks a lot.
ThadMuchnok  Jul 02, 2020
Hello. I'm going to use this font in my first mobile game.
Please accept a donation :)
Deshowens  Jul 24, 2020
Hi, I'd like to use your font commercially. Please email confirmation to
9dream  Nov 11, 2020
Hi! Can I use this for my sticker shop?
andygonzalez  Nov 21, 2020
Hello, we'd like to use your font commercially for our logo. Please email confirmation to:
Thank you.
almuttaqin  Aug 14, 2021
Let me use the font for personal and commercial use.
PINDAROTS'  author of The Bold Font   May 13, 2022
The Bold Font is a 100% free to use font. No license needed

More fonts and typography can be found at :
MTW80  May 31, 2022
Hello Sven, I know it says 100% free to use and no attribution is required but can I use this font for a company logo that someone wanted me to create? Thank you have a nice day.

P.S. I know no attribution is required but I like to give credit to the creaters they deserve the credit.
Avila Guimarães  Aug 22, 2022
Por que que quando eu baixo a fonte adibafih.
E ela baixa diferente.
Não é igual a imagem que vemos.
almuttaqin  Sep 22, 2022
Let me use the font for personal and commercial use. Thank You.
JOOSEOYEON  Jun 22, 2023
I want to know about the license for the commercial use of this font. Please contact me by email.
Meet Shah  Jul 11, 2023
Thank you so much for this font :)
Farhanfh  Jul 12, 2023
Hello, can I use this font for commercial use (clothes)? and may i edit this font shape like ‘warp/liquify/etc’ in photoshop/illustrator? Please contact me at
Thank you:)

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