Tall Films

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danadesign  Mar 03, 2012
Please let me know if I am allowed to use this font for commercial logo design?


Reece C  Jul 07, 2012
Is this font available for commercial use - Band logo? Please let me know, thanks.
PhotoGraphics  Jul 12, 2012
I really like your font 'Tall Films'
is ist possible to use it for a logo?
Thank you for responding!
Veta  Jul 22, 2012
Can I use your Tall Films font on my portfolio website as live text?
Thank you!
From the license to above questions:
"The software is supplied free of cost, but is not to be considered Freeware,
Shareware or Public Domain. This license allows the free distribution of the
software for all non-profit uses. Inclusion in CD, DVD or any other format, for
sale purposes is not to be considered free distribution and revokes any license
agreement with Graham Meade, unless permission has been sought AND granted by
Graham Meade. (Profit making should be taken to mean any method in which money
is asked for the supply of, or access to, this software)"
Jazzoid  Jul 28, 2013
Thanks for this font, we have something very similiar to this font on an abandoned restaurant in Prague I fell in love with - Terasy Barrandov (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4552890759637&set=o.112955581082&type=1&ref=nf). Just what I've been looking for! ;)
bmay  Oct 01, 2013

I like this font very much and would like to now if i can use it in a commercial logo.
Thanks !
francis1234  Dec 07, 2013
Graham, i really like your font! Am i allowed to use it for a commercial logo?
Please contact me: the bride@gmx.de

Thanks a lot!
Brian Gurnett  Dec 11, 2013

I would love to use this font for the my logo for my freelance video production. Please let me know how we can negotiate this. Great font.


-Brian Gurnett
tashca  Jan 14, 2014
Hi Graham

Please kindly advise if I'm allowed to use for a fashion label.

Kind Regards
Carolyn Nash

Zanahodia  Feb 17, 2014
Hi! I´m Rita from Argentina, I need this font for commercial logo. Please contact me: anisinizanahodia@gmail.com

mlefeuvre  Mar 13, 2014
Hi Graham,
I'm from France.
Kindly let me know if this font is available for commercial use.
Marion / lefeuvre.marion91@gmail.com
TheAshleyMaria  Jun 11, 2014
Hi Graham!

I was looking to use this font for some sort of commercial use and it said to contact you but I haven't been able to find a contact for you... could you write me at ashleym@mtzionorg so we can figure out how I can use this font?


hugok  Jul 01, 2014
Hi ! I wanted to use your font to make a logo for a bed and breakfast. Could you let me know if there are some cost to your font for that type of use ?
Thanks hugo4sumi@hotmail.com
sazdesign83  Sep 11, 2014
Hi, I'm Steve from Honduras.

I want want to know if I can use your font as Body text on a Website, please contact me to sazdesign83@gmail.com.

naiadviolet  Sep 29, 2014
Has anyone got a response from Graham Meade? If so What's his email/contact info. Thanks
Sabine Blessing  Mar 19, 2015
Hi Graham,
I'm from Germany.
Kindly let me know if this font is available for commercial use.
Sabine Blessing / bineblessing@gmail.com
simonp  May 03, 2015
Hi Graham,
I'm currently designing a menu for a client and would really like to use your font. Please email me at
simon-parry2010@hotmail.com and let me know the cost.
many thanks,
DaniD  Jul 14, 2015
Hi Graham,

is it possible to use this font commercial for free?

Nice Greetings

Please contact me to d.c.fischer@online.de

ksanz  Oct 03, 2015
Hi Graham, I like your font, is it possible to use free this font for commercial logo? let me know please: ksanz56@gmail.com.
zachjmcginnis  Oct 22, 2015
Hi Graham, I love your font, is it possible to use this font for commercial use? Please let me know at: zachjmcginnis@hotmail.com
marliecharotte  Feb 08, 2016

Puis-je utiliser votre police (avec parcimonie) pour des packagings et flyers ?

Merci par avance pour votre réponse,

sandra2607  Nov 23, 2016
Hello Graham,

I would like to use your Tall Films font commercial logo design in Spain. Am I allowed? Please contact me on sandra_llopis_88@hotmail.com

Thank you for responding.

lauraglyda  Apr 06, 2017
Hi Graham,

This is a beautiful font! I would like to use it for a logo printed on a t-shirt and potentially a poster. Please contact me for commercial use licensing information at lauraglyda(at)yahoo.com.

Thank you!
Nitya George  May 23, 2017
Hi Graham,

This font is really made very well. I just needed to know if i could use this font for my website.
Please contact me at nityageorge.k@gmail.com

Thanks, Nitya.
ifroeba  Jun 02, 2017
Hi Graham,

I would like to use your font for commercial use (title design for a short film + posters and flyer). Please let me know if I am allowed or send me information about commercial use: ines.froeba@gmx.de

Thank you!

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