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desternay  Aug 18, 2006
i absolutely love it!!
bbyvietsta  Aug 28, 2006
love this font so much (:
i love it to infintygabzillion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<333333333333333333333333333333
Intoxify  Sep 10, 2006
This is a fantabuliscious classic, work's well for forum signatures and wedding things. Also good for cultural publicity.
melopouet01  Sep 11, 2006
Are you tous english because I am french LoL
SHAKii09  Sep 11, 2006
on some real niqqa shxt. this is real hott
ladykat  Sep 25, 2006
This looks so pretty on screen, but why is it so pixelated on my computer?
katiitha  Oct 13, 2006
Haloeur  Nov 06, 2006
"melopouet01 11/09/2006

Are you tous english because I am french LoL"

tkt pas moi aussi lol jme sens moin seul ^^
En tout cas cette police est magnifique !
caramel_floats  Nov 13, 2006
merve  Nov 15, 2006
Cyanide  Dec 01, 2006
supeerr very much
Deleted user 50793  Dec 21, 2006
Parfait ! C'est une police de rêve !
mewy  Jan 05, 2007
love it
tuiomanu  Feb 01, 2007
i l0VE thiS f0Nt
thiS iS thE bESt f0Nt bYY fAR thAt i EVER SAW
ryanebuna  Feb 02, 2007
Very nice font! suitable for romantic and wedding themes
tommiesgurll  Feb 07, 2007
i love this font! thank you so much!
j!GokU sHoUJo  Feb 25, 2007
A really nice font. It's... *scratching head*... how do I say it?... Umm.. elegant ^^ Good job. Thank you very much.
Soulshards  Mar 10, 2007
I downloaded it, and it's OK, but I don't really like to use it often.
*EverFly*  Mar 28, 2007
Hello all !
Yes this font is dreadful, I have already seen it on the Web.
Moi aussi je suis French ^^ vkt =)
manhole  Apr 05, 2007
nice font...
3tailer  Apr 16, 2007
lAdYNiA  Apr 19, 2007
thiS fONt iS killERz!!!!
mconnor518  Apr 26, 2007
One of the BEST FONT out there!!!
Konamatta_chiwamata  Apr 29, 2007
Assez original ! ;)
Konamatta_chiwamata  Apr 29, 2007
le jeu de cette police est étonnente !
Loz  May 12, 2007
tinkspa  Jun 03, 2007
So awsome i luv it
sodali  Jun 11, 2007
tres joli
tapsumbong1  Jun 11, 2007

Thank You!!
Pixelle  Jun 14, 2007
Magnifique, c'est très très joli!
Pixelle  Jun 14, 2007
J'adooore !!
bazookame  Aug 21, 2007
how much is this font for commercial use! i love it! please get back to me as soon as possible!

many thanks!!!
debow1696  Sep 11, 2007
i like this font can i use it
kathyshum  Sep 28, 2007
When I tried to download this beautiful font, I only got 2. Is there a charge for the full set?
Maxime Croft  Oct 25, 2007
C'est magnifique !

It's very beautiful!
Him_Fan  Dec 09, 2007
I like this font so much
pizzacute  Jan 23, 2008
itz wonderful!!!
RiCube 0X  Feb 02, 2008
Magnifque !
( PS: trop de fraçais sur ce site ! ;) )
3tailer  Mar 06, 2008
very impressive!
cibb  Mar 22, 2008
Luv this one <3
zarafan  Mar 28, 2008
omg, just biuttifull. El autor de esta fuente deberia ser publicamente elogiado, aunque nada mejor q la satisfaccion propia... ^^

Como diseñador grafico, la apoyo, me ayudo en la nota final de mi trabajo final del 4to semestre ^^

Sinceras Felicitaciones al Autor :)
michele_diotte  Apr 09, 2008
I love this font, but how come when I use it, it doesn't come out the same? HELP!
dafont111  Apr 28, 2008
I love the font, but it is very faint, as if it were made from widely-spaced dots. Am I doing something incorrectly? Thank you.
Willowood  May 08, 2008
Is anyone able to write the words "Graphic Design" in this font and send it to me??

I am having trouble downloading it..

Any help would be much appreciated!
Egg's  May 08, 2008
Absolument magnifique !
Impossible de m'en passer sur mon site
Pour moi c'est de très loin la plus belle police jamais éditée!
CustomBusinessCards  May 21, 2008
Wow... great font. Really unique.
xeeber  Jul 01, 2008
I saw this font many times on local TV ads, newspaper prints, billboard etc.
If you sold this font, you should be earning lots of fortune right now.
Anyhow, thanks for makin it free. =)

bangah  Jul 01, 2008
This font is beautiful! I got a tattoo of my mothers name "Violeta" on the side of my neck with this font and it is very majestic. Hands down the best...
jasminemuadong  Jul 13, 2008
This font is very beautiful :D

georigeee  Jul 16, 2008
i want this on my myspace grr cant work it out
tmbell  Jul 17, 2008
Ok, I have downloaded this font on my computer but I cannot get it into the fonts folder. It keeps saying "the file is currently being used and cannot be replaced. Wait until Windows is finished using the file and try again". I have restarted my computer and I have no idea how to get around this. Any help is much appreciated. I want to use this for our wedding programs! i love it!
lovefont  Sep 02, 2008
wiii. loved it
babi00  Oct 22, 2008
i LOVE thiS FONT!!!! :)
bustii larooo  Oct 24, 2008
I love this!! It is exactly what I have been looking for for my new tattoo. It's gorgeous :o) "Until the very end of me~Until the very end of you" NIN
pook  Oct 26, 2008
thank you ;)
pook  Oct 26, 2008
i LOVE thiS FONT!!!! :)
apf  Nov 04, 2008
Como e q se põe titulos do dafont no word?
pleaSE responde
liusik  Nov 17, 2008
superfouine78  Nov 26, 2008

can i use this font to create a logo for a clothing trade.
JaneyBird  Dec 14, 2008
I fell in love with this script on an online animation program. Been lookin' and lookin'! YIPPEE! Thank you so very much! I have friends who've been lookin' too!
I'll tell 'em where I got it!
Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays and all that.
sizzlecreative  Jan 05, 2009
Love it, very cool font
julierohart  Jan 26, 2009
is this font free to use ? thanks !!!
dustcrawler  Feb 01, 2009
Great font, I love it!!
erikambk  Mar 23, 2009
are there any restrictions for use commercially?
lauravidalb  Apr 02, 2009
Necesito utilizar esta tipografía para hacer un logo, para uso comercial, y no me quedan muy claros los términos de uso. La puedo usar sin ningún problema o tengo que hacer algún trámite?
whu4eva  Apr 17, 2009
Elegant and classy.. Got my wife's name tattoo'd on my wrist in this font. We both love it!
Ashelia  May 04, 2009
this font is gorgeous ! thank you so much for sharing !

- il y a bien plus de ffrançais sur dafont que vous lele pensez. mais l'anglais est de rigueur si vous voulez qu'on nous comprennes-
shawnn  May 11, 2009
I like this font, but it's so incredibly overused. It's going to rank with the likes of Comic Sans and Papyrus before too long. If you're a professional wedding invitation designer and use this font, you must not be that professional.
lclarrain  May 12, 2009
ES una Fuente muy linda y Romantica de alguna manera...Hermosa
pologi  May 15, 2009
awesome font!!! absolutely love it!! getting my tattoodone in this font
nbahr  Jun 03, 2009
Can I use this font for commercial use?
PLease let me know, thanks.
luv2tatu  Jul 14, 2009
Can I use this font for commercial use? Kindly let me know. Thank you
Slatt  Jul 21, 2009
Slatterov iz amaing !
Noah's Spirit  Aug 12, 2009
This font is amazing!

Is it ok, to use it commercially (not yet, but maybe once in while)? I would use it to signature my photos and digital works. Please let me know if that would be ok!

dianaakaflaka  Sep 05, 2009
AN1986  Sep 22, 2009
Hi, this is an awesome font!!
I am looking to get A. V. M tattooed on my wrist (the first letter of mine, my sisters and my brothers name) in this font. Is it possible that you email it to me pls as I can't seem to download it pls?
It would be much appreciated email is:
ides82  Sep 23, 2009
I am making a logo for my friend who is a make-up artist and she love's this font is it ok for me to use it.
Thanks :)
Franklin Gorge  Oct 01, 2009
Impressive writings; it has a lovely touch of classic, modern and ancient all at the same time which is a lovely piece of delicate artwork. Simply marvellous!
bartje2009  Oct 13, 2009
Is this font for commercial use?
PLease let me know
Juliecali  Oct 21, 2009
As bartje recently asked, is this font available for commercial use? I am interested in possibly using this font for a logo. Please let me know. I can be contacted at
saraevans  Nov 03, 2009
is this font available for use commercially? Is it free? It says on the top 2 free downloads. Please can you let me know at
jfelipe312  Nov 08, 2009
I can't get this font to work :-( And i am absoultely in love with it. Can anyone help me?
jayt  Nov 20, 2009
can i use this font for commercial? plz let me know quickly :) thx.
eyoung3  Dec 10, 2009
Can I use this font commercially as well? Let me know,
jayt  Dec 29, 2009
eyoung3 do you get an answer??? i still want to know...
loupy  Feb 08, 2010
Hi Please can you tell me if this font can be used for cmmercial use as a logo? Please can you email me asap.

Thanks very much I LOVE IT!!!
sanikadnon  Mar 18, 2010
DotResults  Mar 20, 2010
You can use this font anywhere you'd like, a company sign, a logo, on a menu or as a tattoo.

I don't recommend it though:
al8z  Apr 24, 2010
I see many people have asked you this but I would like to use your font on shirts. If thats possible please email me and let me know. I am willing to donate or even send you a shirt after I make it. taaaaaaaaaaaankxxxx :)
Roger S. Nelsson  May 28, 2010
Improved and multilingual version in OpenType format right here:
(also free ;)
beopots  Aug 20, 2010
one of the most overused and overrated fonts out there. strictly speaking, a decent typeface that is too widely accepted and used. see also, papyrus.
melissa74  Sep 01, 2010
oui ces bien mais le porblème ces comment le porter dans photofiltre?
ljwnet  Sep 10, 2010
I do appreciate sharing great fonts! Would you please let me know whether this font can be used for my company logo type for free or not? Please let me know by email;
a-k  Sep 29, 2010
Can I use this font commercially as well? Please let me know. Thank you in advance!
shopgirl.ny152  Oct 24, 2010
I'm having a hard time downloading this font correctly... I can't seem to download it in a usable form for my windows Vista and Adobe Photoshop...
2girlsmom  Nov 08, 2010
Love this can it be used commercially?
Llumas Xenno  Nov 12, 2010
I would have to say this is my absolute fav font it draws me 2 it in an instant.... gud stuff.
aurelia2204  Dec 22, 2010
Puis-je utiliser cette police pour le futur logo de mon entreprise ? Merci  Jan 19, 2011
Trop beau
Bass 87  Feb 09, 2011
diana22  Mar 28, 2011
Scriptina is already a font name for a font that looks similar, just to let you know. IT is often used in wedding invitations (I do them and know this font well).

So just so everybody knows, using this font name is already in abuse if they make you pay for it.
emily_spektor  Jun 10, 2011
i really hate this :(
charle12  Sep 01, 2011
Is this able to be used commercially?
Many Thanks!!
CindyK678  Sep 20, 2011
The creators writing is this:
Apostrophic Laboratories does not collect or relay any personal information about its visitors.

Apostrophic Laboratories is not affiliated with the company that provides its web hosting service.

Apostrophic Laboratories is not affiliated with any third party advertising service. This lab will always be advertisement-free to maintain the spirit and integrity of freedom of information that the world wide web was intended to represent.

The fonts on this site are freeware and can be used as they are in any context without permission from Apostrophic Laboratories, except to produce material that is racist, criminal and/or illegal in nature. It is prohibited to modify any Apostrophic Laboratories font(s) for repackaging and/or re-release without an express written authorization by the designer(s) of the font(s) or Apostrophic Laboratories. Under no circumstance shall any Apostrophic Laboratories design or font design be sold or purchased. Email if you want more information.

The Apostrophic Laboratories site and its contents are the property of Apostrophic Laboratories and the contents' creators. It is prohibited to use the graphic designs shown on this site or any of the site's elements without obtaining written authorization from the designer(s) and/or developer(s) of the content in question. Email if you want more information.

Read everything written by Kurt Vonnegut.
Hear everything written by Mozart.
Live every day like it is your first.
Smell the flowers.
Touch the faces of babies.
Run in the rain.
Eat pop corn.

he following constitutes the different methods of contacting Apostrophic Laboratories.
For individual designer email addresses, click here.
Address: Apostrophic Laboratories, 343 Kingswood Road, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4E 3N8
mcoler13  Sep 29, 2011
Hi there! Can we use this font for commercial purposes?
StephzillaNJ  Oct 27, 2011
Can people PLEASE stop using this font everywhere. It's so overused and looks mad cheap and is as becoming as laughable as papyrus and even worse, comic sans.

It's to the point where i don't even go into businesses who are using this font because I can't take them seriously.
iLubY0u(:  Nov 02, 2011
Wow. This is just beautiful Calligraphy~ <3
cyrilea  Nov 19, 2011
Boy, isn't this font so beautiful that it's VERY overused here.

You are awesome.
vanessa3100  May 29, 2012
Hola buenas tardes, querría saber qué hay que hacer para poder utilizar esta tipografía en uno de mis trabajos. Es para fines comerciales.
vanessa3100  May 30, 2012
Hola buenas tardes, querría saber qué hay que hacer para poder utilizar esta tipografía en uno de mis trabajos. Es para fines comerciales.
Roger S. Nelsson  Jun 02, 2012
Just a reminder: improved and multilingual version in OpenType format right here:
(also free ;)
malvolio  Sep 27, 2012
Scriptina Pro is much better. Wonderful work, Apostrophic Labs!
RuxandraM  Nov 04, 2012
great fonts, guys! can we use your fonts in commercial projects?
hasenzahn  Dec 17, 2012
Hey, this font is beautiful, I would love to use it for my commercial website. Would that be possible? Please reply to mail(at) Thank you!
chepegarrobo  Dec 20, 2012
Thanks, exactly what i was looking for.
Cancerian  Mar 09, 2013
Absolutely adore this font.......getting a tattoo and I want to get it in this font
tricius  Mar 12, 2013
Hola buenas tardes, querría saber qué hay que hacer para poder utilizar esta tipografía en uno de mis trabajos. Es para fines comerciales.
Murat Nur  May 11, 2013
NURHAZİNESİ.COM logosunu hazırlayan arkadaş

İRTİBAT kurabilir mi ?
piozik14  Oct 03, 2013
Hi, can I use your font for a my logo design.
Thank you!
hannaship  Mar 14, 2014
I would like to use this font for my commercial logo. Please email me the stipulations... Thank you!
diaromend  Apr 08, 2014
Hello, I'm Diana. I want to use your font for my tattoo. It's possible?
dezspears  Jun 02, 2014
Awesome font! I would like to use this font for my commercial logo. Please email me the stipulations and/or restrictions at Thank you!
kreeder20  Sep 09, 2014
Is this font free for commercial use since it is labeled 100% free?
suaveskyy  Sep 09, 2014
Moi je l'ai utilisé pour mon tattoo!!!
suaveskyy  Sep 09, 2014
yes why is it so pixelated..
Kat1983  Oct 05, 2014
Hi, how do I purchase a commercial licence for this please?
Deleted user 815886  Nov 06, 2014
really good
leejunghyun  Feb 02, 2015
cool~~! I would like to use this font for my commercial logo. Please email me the stipulations and/or restrictions at Thank you!
fitz  Mar 04, 2015
thank you
nettiegee  Mar 30, 2015
Hi there am I able to use this font for a logo?
sid013  Aug 17, 2015
Can I use this font for commercial use? please email at
estrella230  Nov 06, 2015
can i use this font for Commercial use? i sell key charms (with text), T-Shirts with (text) etc.. and i search for a font that i can use for all the things that i make myself. it's only a little production - for Christmas markets and max. 100 a year. it is also allowed to make logos, Flyers etc. with your font.? please contact me
lovepanda  Nov 09, 2015
Can I use this font for commercial use?
PLease let me know, thank you.
Melfisher2000  Apr 14, 2016
Please let me know if this font is available for commercial use. I would like to use it in my craft business.
Manami Ono  Apr 15, 2016
Really nice font!
Is if possible to use this font for making brand logo?
Mcralzamora  Jul 14, 2016
I have downloaded Scriptina and love the look of it. However, having trouble printing. The font looks fine in preview but prints out very faded even in bold format. Any suggestions? Thanks!
monicamas  Feb 09, 2017
Is if possible to use this font for making brand logo? please email me
shuppyloops  Mar 15, 2017
Hi! I chose this font for a tattoo on my wrist... I thing it's the best graphic way to show a phrase <3
JS Fine Art Publishing  Aug 16, 2017
Using this font on our YouTube videos.
Rabi17  Dec 11, 2017
Can i use this font for commercial logo?

please contact me

Thank You
flowermoment  Mar 27, 2018
can I use this font for commercial purposes? (for poster)

please contact me

Thank you.
onureda  Feb 19, 2019
can I use this for commercial fonts?
JaZa  Apr 03, 2019
Hallo. Kann ich diese Schrift auch gewerblich nutzen? bzw. kaufen?
randawijaya  Apr 06, 2020
Can these fonts be used for commercial logos or package designs?

Please contact me.

Thank you.
Hong_88  Jun 26, 2020
this font is beautiful
can I use this for commercial fonts?
Use : television advertising
Pleanse contact me.
natalia_natalia  Jul 29, 2020
Hello, is this font free for commercial use? I'd like to use it on product design. Please confirm :)

You're going great job, keep it up!

All the best, Natalia
basicapril  Jul 30, 2021
Hi, is the font free to use? can u send me an authorization letter for me to use this font for my commercial business
ssngziyoungg  May 25, 2022
Hello! your font is sooo beautiful! Can i use it for commercial use? please let me know.
darkjjd  Jun 08, 2022
Hi I really like your font, Can I use it for my logo? please let me know.
Thank you!
yuya  Nov 02, 2022
Nice to meet you. I would like to use it for a wedding movie. Is it free for commercial use?

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