Sam's Town

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RAWRLESS  Dec 28, 2006
gfro9191  Jan 24, 2007
If you aver modify it, change the [s]. It needs to be more slanted. haha. And the [k] needs some work too. Good job otherwise. I've been looking for this for a while.
Cyanide  Feb 04, 2007
shit bok
pthomas  Mar 03, 2007
Hello Brian, I am thinking of using your font for a community music project which will act in the capacity of a pressure group. I like it just the way it is. Thank you for your expression
MeishaxxPretty  Apr 10, 2007
I like it (but i don't love it)XP
mr.jeffhlz  Jun 07, 2007
Brian, Maybe you can change the height of the small j, you can make it like the small letter i
PumpkinsFan  Oct 03, 2008
I'm guessing that this font is based on the Sam's Town album font by the Killers.
too bad that HUMAN is a crap single.

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