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luybnue313  Jan 05, 2016
Hello. I love your font. Is this font free to use as a commercial use?
CMunk  author of Ribbons and banners   Mar 02, 2016
Hello Luybnue313. Thank you! Commercial use is not allowed by the license that I have released this under, but you can have my permission. In return I'd just like to see what you do with it. Not that I want to judge your work, but I'd like to see how my font gets used. You can just leave a link in a comment here or PM me.
camillyvianna14  Mar 10, 2016
Hi, I really love your font and I want to now if this font is free to use as commercial use. Can I send you an e-mail? Thanks!
camillyvianna14  Mar 10, 2016
CMunk  author of Ribbons and banners   Mar 22, 2016
Hi Camillyvianna14. You may use my font for commercial use, but again, I'd like to see what you make of it :) If you want, you can send me an e-mail.
fstrimble  Apr 17, 2017
Love this font! Do I have your permission to use it for a fundraiser advertisement for our church's youth ministry?
Princess Anita  Sep 05, 2017
Hi, How Do I continue the line? I added the [ ] but the lines are not connecting. What do I need to add? Thank you very much.
myname5749  Mar 15, 2018
Princess anita press _ underscore

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