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SpideRaY  author of Prometheus   Apr 28, 2012
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asilaydying  May 03, 2012
Hey can this be used to make a lyric video for a song?
Maykel Fonts  Sep 01, 2013
c'est tellement beau !
SpideRaY  author of Prometheus   Sep 19, 2013
The fully embeddable,kerned OTF version now available on Etsy @
katherinapablo  Nov 23, 2014

I wonder if i can use the prometheus Font for a book cover, in a web site ( amazon ) and to print.


Katherina Pablo T
djterminusmusic  Jan 08, 2015
I am DJ Terminus (not even known to Youtube yet), I would like to use your font in my logo and music art/youtube art. I am sorry I can't donate but if I can later, I will try.
SpideRaY  author of Prometheus   May 05, 2017
Rockyvolcom  Sep 22, 2017
Hey bud, this is my first download, and i honestly don't know how this works, but there isn't a price, so i donated but don't want together burned, if you know what i mean
lselvagi  Oct 19, 2017
HI!, this is my first experience with purchasing a personalised font :) I would love to use it in the design of a logo if possible? How does this work / much does it cost?

Heavynn_on_Earth  Nov 02, 2019
Can I donate and use this font for commercial use? I know you have a fully kerned one on ETSY but I would really like to use this specific font.

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