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dainsane  Jan 28, 2008
Very Good work!!! Bravo!
TheBandit98  Feb 04, 2008
Great artwork on the symbols!
metaphasebrothel  Feb 20, 2008
This rocks. Please font Mon Bijoux.

rksskr  Feb 20, 2008
Nugroho  Feb 25, 2008
Sae sanget, Mas. mean: Very Good, Bro!
StreetLingaz  Mar 11, 2008
AWESOME. Very good work on this font.
klt  Apr 11, 2008
realy good!!
teslaroadster  Dec 21, 2008
all the symbols were very unique
most letters didnt appear on my 2003 microsoft word
Nanaw  Feb 12, 2009
Cool, super j'aime trop
But i have a question: comment faire pour mettre les fleurs autours?
But i don't succeed in putting flowers, please help me
CCxTheClown  Mar 20, 2009
Holy Snap...that is a cool font but i email anyone wid it???can u help me
CCxTheClown  Mar 20, 2009
i cant email anyone
nild  Mar 25, 2009
Oh My Mother Fucking God!!

i looked at ALL u'r fonts, UR A PRO DUDE,

asshole, I have no clue how to even make one yet!!

have a great life, your a wonderful person w/ a font makin touch!

love ya, andddddddddd STAY COOL!

have a wonderful day dude,

nild  Mar 25, 2009
by the way CCxTheClown , its impossible for normal ppl hoo dont hack 2 use different fonts.

unless you hack prolly.!

sassysdreams  Mar 29, 2009
Winzip says this font download is corrupt. I can't figure out if I'm doing something wrong since I'm following the directions to the tee and haven't had a problem with any other font download. But every time I attempt to unzip it Winzip says it's a corrupt file. Help please!
monicavaz  May 14, 2009
Hello. I'm heaving trouble to incorporate this font when I create a PDF file... Anu tips? Thank you.
monicavaz  May 14, 2009
sandrafrade  Mar 01, 2010
Que pena!Não consegui baixar.As letras são lindas !Fiquei triste porque deu erro.
Catherine Lohan  Aug 07, 2011
This is Billy Argel's best font ever!
My totally favorite!!
shoemakejr  Aug 15, 2013
Love the font, would like to use it for business. What can I do to get it? Thanks, Steve
shoemakejr  Aug 16, 2013
Love the font, would like to use it for business. What can I do to get it? Thanks, Steve

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