Organic Elements

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smintz  Jul 31, 2007
This if a RIPOFF of my logo/website, both are copyrighted. Remove at once and do not download. See for yourself, , all under copyright protection
damz  Jul 31, 2007
ah ah why are you talking about a ripoff ? did you look at your logo before opening your mouth ? totally different...
chavez ravine  Jul 31, 2007
well, smintz, you can to ask Nerys Evans about the name of the font, it's really curious. but the font is different, for my eyes.
nesa56  author of Organic Elements   Aug 01, 2007
I created this font for a project in university on the theme of nature (hence the name organic elements). If you look through my font, each character is unique.This is a completely unique font and my OWN design.
smintz  Aug 01, 2007
After a lot of emails back and forth with the author I have come to believe that it is all a total coincidence. Nerys is a very nice person and I want her to do well, webmaster please remove both of my comments.
x3hollisterxox  Jan 05, 2008
This font is hott =)
-delicious font!!
x3hollisterxox  Jan 05, 2008
i love this font its hottt
((names one mah BFFALS account)
Kaylynne says:
'ohemefgee i kissed my BF todayyy!!!' lol
k chyeahh peace loversss!
kaliber  Jun 29, 2009
recently font update consist of ... ?

joegus  Jun 30, 2009
Beautiful font Nery! Can't wait for all the accents.
smeralda  Jun 30, 2009
nice :)
Lion Hearted  Jul 03, 2009
Amazing font if I must say, like joegus said, can't wait for all the accents. :)
StreetLingaz  Jul 09, 2009
This is really cool; and I think the name definitely justifies the font. ^_^
coti81  Jul 10, 2009
Very nice font! With a dot over i would be perfect.
funnyshoes1  Jul 16, 2009
A nice spare font with a few fillips for interest.
element_007  Sep 02, 2009
Hi nesa56,
I wish to you use your font for a web site i am developing for my assignment. The site will be hosted live. I am wondering if I am allowed to use your font in this way.
danii20  Jan 01, 2010
How do I obtain the license to use this font commercially?
inkandhue  Jul 21, 2010
how can I procure a license to use this font?
amp-font  Nov 21, 2011
How do I obtain the license to use this font commercially?
harbor  May 01, 2012
I would like to use this font for a non-profit, please let me know how. thanks!
TheFeelGoodFoodies  May 26, 2012
Hi there! This font is gorgeous, and I'd love to use it for my business with your permission. May I pay to use it? Please let me know how this works. Thank you!
rajusachisingh  Apr 04, 2013
Hi there I would like to use this font for a Fresh, Natural & Organic Fruit Vegetables and Delicatessen opening soon. let me know if I can have permission and what is entailed. Thanks
quadhirababil  Feb 15, 2014
Hi there! This font is gorgeous,

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