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davymeykens  Jan 08, 2010
awesome fonts!
I'm a big fan of these dingbats!
sambojobo  Mar 29, 2010
Maybe you should move the Obama image to the Tyrant font.
Jgirlpower  Jun 26, 2012
These are awesome. I don't see any tyrants. Oh, Obama killed the biggest tyrant of all. Great pics keep up the good work!
locoelect83  Nov 01, 2012
Jgirlpower you are ignorant as hell. obama did not kill osama, the navy seals did you idiot. Oh and the military backed him when he made the call but when the American embassy was being attacked in Libya he didnt send them any help, how is that american ? obama would be a hero by killing a tyrant only if he committed suicide.

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