Most Wasted

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StreetLingaz  Aug 14, 2008
This is a pretty good looking graffiti font! Good work.
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Most Wasted   Aug 21, 2008
SoFonty  Sep 03, 2008
i actually like it
Koecki  Sep 08, 2008
NFS Most Wanted?
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Most Wasted   Sep 08, 2008
ya its from nfs mw:)
__Doc_  Sep 10, 2008
Nice, I like this. Well done
Jaderulzzz  Sep 17, 2008
nice its like the coolest graffiti font ever man!!!!sweet radical!!!!!!lol
good job great!!!!!!!!
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Most Wasted   Sep 30, 2008
Ohh. Thanx very much! :)(:
coolkris  Oct 09, 2008
i like this because it is cool as ice lol
coolkris  Oct 09, 2008
lilhalfazn9  Oct 20, 2008
this is a clean and simple looking graffiti but still SICKKK!! i love it! congrats on your work.
danielryves  Dec 23, 2008
Awesome font Koczman, you have a nice stroke
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Most Wasted   Dec 24, 2008
thanx :)
pheonix_fury  Nov 29, 2009
Was looking for it any suggestion wat font shuld i use on my wrte ma Name XD
schultz  Dec 03, 2009
nica thanks!
Br0ck  Apr 02, 2010
nice... very good!!! graffiti style life!!!
vandicoz  Apr 09, 2010
hey pano po makaka kuha d2 ng name para magamit
bugmenot  Apr 29, 2010
I love this. It looks exactly like the graffiti in the public bathrooms in my neighborhood. (In case you're wondering, yes, that's a compliment.)
Lewis Cawte  Jul 24, 2010
I love this! Its great, I didn't think I'd find something like this.. as I'm a huge fan of Fonts and Need for Speed  Sep 29, 2010
murtagh  Oct 20, 2010
need for speed is a wicked game, but devil may cry beats it hands down.
Rodrigo X  Nov 01, 2010
This font is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.! Thanks for creating such an nice graffiti font!
Breaking Benjamin  Dec 18, 2010
dude,the last time i laugh this hard is when i fall of'a my dinosaur-that is never...!! NICE FONT
PaperTowels9876  Feb 23, 2011
boss dude, just boss, good job
marcottt4  Jun 11, 2011
increible fuente..
skan111  Aug 29, 2011
SI ta en algO★
Marie.A  Aug 30, 2011
GROSSE MERDE!  Nov 11, 2011
I like you Marie.A
Xeaven  Jan 22, 2012
TeamspiriT  Mar 28, 2012
Hey, great font. One comment. Pity you cannot have smaller letters for lower case. For example, words like ghoul and ghost anve the 'H' as the most prominent letter, but the 'H' is silent in those words.
I used this font on the side of my karting helmet - thanks.
svobo  Nov 11, 2012
Nice font like it, But my only problem is I cant really use it for big size vinyl cuts because the edges are on some letters very bad. Not nice and smooth lines and loads small dents. Do you have any better quality?
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Most Wasted   Nov 13, 2012
This is what you can get, no better!
svobo  Nov 14, 2012
Thanks anyway for nice font.
dakanda  Jun 05, 2013
Sebastian941214  Jan 10, 2014
la mejor de todas!!
musicman22  Feb 04, 2014
May I use For Commercial use?
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Most Wasted   Feb 05, 2014
Sure, go ahead!
AbbyLauren  Jul 30, 2014
Great font! May I use this for commercial use?
AbbyLauren  Jul 30, 2014
Great font! May I use this for commercial use?
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Most Wasted   Aug 19, 2014
Of course, go ahead!
EPK808  May 07, 2015
Could I use for commercial use??
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Most Wasted   May 15, 2015
Yes, you can!
Miitchi  Feb 12, 2016
Reminds me of when I was a cool young hip-hop kid, I was most wanted for graffiti in my home town yo!
Hari Budi  Sep 02, 2017
can i use this font for my photo?
Hari Budi  Sep 02, 2017
can i use this font for my photo?
Gwangsoo Kim  Apr 11, 2020
Piece of art! Can I use this for commercial purposes?
Gwangsoo Kim  Apr 11, 2020
I read the "license1"! Thank you!
dafontuser1000000  May 14, 2020
Mr. Sparhelt Sir, I've been NFS MW for years now and I actually surprised to see this font. Thanks a lot bruh.
dafontuser1000000  May 14, 2020
* playing
신보라  Sep 25, 2020
Hello. I want to use this font on my homepage and logo. Could you send an email to

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