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metaphasebrothel  author of KleinKarpets   Feb 13, 2008
Typing specific keyboard combinations at 36 points will create composite glyphs of up to four characters. Different combinations will produce different composites. Some combinations at 12 points will make tiles. Eight images were used to create the 52 glyphs from the two fonts.

For most images, each original graphic was horizontally flipped to create a mirror image, then rotated 90, 180, and 270 degrees, and flipped horizontally at each stage. The original single font contains a character guide and read me document. You can find it on my homepage. My fonts are not compatible with Windows Vista, when Clearface is enabled. They open very slowly in preview, but work fine in Windows XP when installed. Most of my fonts cannot be displayed here because of the complications with Vista/Clearface.

I thank the webmaster of dafont for making the necessary adjustments to overcome the problems with Vista, so that I am able to share my fonts with you. Have fun experimenting with these!


ayumihamasaki  Apr 08, 2008
you must have spent a lot of time in finishing it.thank you!~~
what is the point of this??
metaphasebrothel  author of KleinKarpets   Apr 26, 2008
ayumihamasaki, this did take a long time to do, but there are only eight different images used in this font. The webmaster at dafont split the original font into two, because it's too complex for Windows Vista when the glyphs are in the lower case alphabet. Only a few of my fonts can be on this site, because of the problem with Vista, but you'll find a lot more of my fonts on my homepage.


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