Kenyan Coffee

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preston0518  Feb 20, 2013
I was wondering if I could have commercial permission for this font? Email: Thanks!
typodermic  author of Kenyan Coffee   Mar 17, 2013
Sorry for the delay. All my fonts are licensed for commercial use: no permission required.
fri3ndly  Jun 19, 2014
I don't understand - if this is licensed for commercial use then why can you buy licenses for it on sites like MyFonts? Can I use this in my iPhone app without purchasing a license?
typodermic  author of Kenyan Coffee   Jun 26, 2014
"Free commercial use" allows the standard sort of use allowed by most standard commercial font licenses. Web graphics, posters, t-shirts, signs, logos etc.

If you're going to embed the font in an app or a web page, there's a different licence for that. I recommend for those.

However, if the font isn't "embedded" in the app, you can still use it with the regular, free license. For example: titles screens, headings, labels, the app's icon . . . situations where it's just a graphic and not the actual font embedded.
fri3ndly  Jul 02, 2014
Thanks for clarifying this :-)
fri3ndly  Jul 02, 2014
How about selling a poster that I am using the font on? Just want to make sure I am not breaking any rules :-)
typodermic  author of Kenyan Coffee   Jul 06, 2014
No problem; a poster is allowed by the free license. Good luck with your poster.
Jake_Davenport  Jan 01, 2015
Hello, expanding on the licensing, I am currently using this font for card names and descriptions in a video game I am currently developing. I am planning to sell the game for 2-5GBP. Does this license allow that? Nice font by the way!
typodermic  author of Kenyan Coffee   Jan 01, 2015
Thanks you, I'm glad you like the font. IF you're pre-rendering the graphics then it's allowed but from what you described it sounds like you'd have to embed the font data.
App embedding isn't covered by the regular license but you can purchase an app license here:
Good luck with your game.
Jake_Davenport  Jan 01, 2015
Thank you, I shall invest in purchasing the license. Thank you again.
RonnyBanerjee  Jan 28, 2015
Hi Typodermic
I like your font, but I have a small problem:
I can´t get the "7" correct when trying to type 7. Can you help?
typodermic  author of Kenyan Coffee   Jan 29, 2015
Do you mean the 7 looks strange or it doesn't show up?
allandavid  May 16, 2016
Cool type!
I'd like to know if I can use it for commercial purposes.
Please, let me know:
typodermic  author of Kenyan Coffee   May 17, 2016
Thank you. yes, it's free for commercial use.
vsit28  Jul 20, 2016

Looking at the comments, it looks like your font 'Kenyan Coffee' here is free for Commercial use. But I just wanted to confirm with you: would it be okay to use your font for a client's site logo? Also, what about modifications (i.e. for the logo)?

Please let me know!

Thanks!! :)
typodermic  author of Kenyan Coffee   Jul 21, 2016
That's correct, it's free to use for a logo and you can modify it.
Joel Q  Aug 18, 2016
Anyone else have issues printing this font?
Any size smaller than 25 is distorted.
InDesign CS5.
ArslanKAS  Oct 20, 2016
DAMN !! That italic regular is a killer. I love it. Are there any more fonts that you created ?
typodermic  author of Kenyan Coffee   Oct 21, 2016
Thanks! You can see the rest of my fonts here.

For fonts with free styes, check the catalog menu option.
rianchochochiko  Mar 20, 2018
great font..thank you so much
hlaffin171  Feb 04, 2019
This font is very creative and i would love to use this. If you want to contact me you can email me and we can discuss this.

kibjok  Jul 10, 2019
It is not like you are paying taxes for using my country's name, Kenya. Since you are earning revenue from it.
typodermic  author of Kenyan Coffee   Jul 21, 2019
Sorry. I probably wouldn't have come up with a name like that today. But it was over 20 years ago and yeah, I wish I could go back and change it.
rocinatzu  Oct 11, 2019
Ignore the guy above you. The font and it's name are very cool.
Harees  May 16, 2020
Hello… I really like this font

Can I use this font for microstock? Like for the text in the logo template? I convert to path of course

Thank you
Harees  May 17, 2020
Hello… I really like this font

Can I use this font for microstock? Like for the text in the logo template? I convert to path of course

Thank you
typodermic  author of Kenyan Coffee   May 17, 2020
Thank you. Yes, it's allowed.

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