Just Me Again Down Here

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kehndraaa xx  Sep 10, 2007
cool font.
taylorbaby26  Sep 12, 2007
i love it
Moira  Sep 19, 2007
Very cool!
kutelove  Sep 20, 2007
i like it. thank U
fuzone  Sep 21, 2007
I like it but its too small when i talk with friends on MSN.But still,i like it.Thanks!
dalviri  Sep 29, 2007
really kool....... just like the saying =]
seewah  Oct 08, 2007
love it! thanks so much! :)
blahhh123  Oct 08, 2007
cooll font.<3
mallorymaloney  Oct 21, 2007
Fuzone, you're a complete idiot.

The fancy fonts here on DaFont aren't meant to be used on MSN, or anywhere on the Internet, unless they're made into an image first.


Because unless EVERYONE else has the same font installed as you ... Your font will not show up on their computer. They'll just see everything you've typed in Times New Roman, or Arial, or whatever their default is.

katlabogh  Oct 22, 2007
Love the skript
kelly123  Nov 09, 2007
love it ;]
johnb71  Dec 01, 2007
Nice font, but where's the EURO-sign?
apaperweight  Dec 28, 2007
That doesn't necessarily make him a n00b. I use non-image fonts to type sometimes, because i don't necessarily care what other people see, my fonts are just for me.

more often, i do fun fonts on the buddy list and a nice century gothic for what i send to others, but there's nothing wrong with a little self-indulgence.
palak  Jan 05, 2008
very attractive
LexXx_  May 11, 2008
i like it
Kellsers302  Jun 17, 2008
Loved it lol
fluffybunny  Jul 31, 2008
nice i love it~
SoFonty  Sep 05, 2008
i truly love it
Micknick  Sep 21, 2008
Cute name
love the font
sharonocallaghan  Nov 28, 2008
Absolutely love this font! I'd like to use it on a commercial project please. Could you contact me as soon as you can to discuss:



Sharon O'Callaghan
jiyah1822  Jan 28, 2009
love it. im gonna use this one :)
ily4ever  Apr 04, 2009
Nice font, love it lots! :)
Externius  Apr 22, 2009
Thank you very much for this font, it's my favorite =), but I have a problem ! I'm french and we often use accent like " and " or the "", so can you complete your font please :) ? It's very usefull for me, and in the best way next monday I'll use it for my theater's BAC file ^^.

Thank you again and good continuation !
oyster1  May 18, 2009
HI great fonts! how do i go about using your font for a website? thanks
Email me atlantislaundry@yahoo.com
emilyanne  Aug 28, 2009
can u please make this so that itll print too?
emilyanne  Aug 31, 2009
nevermind lol
karenscrafts  Mar 06, 2010
Hi great font! I would like to be able to use it on craft projects for girls night. How can I go about getting permission. thanks
austin01  Oct 07, 2010
Hi, how to use this font for commercial purpose. what are the restrictions / license fee? and cost?
mamakimberly  author of Just Me Again Down Here   Oct 07, 2010
For commercial use, please send a one-time US$5 payment- there is a donation button on this page. Thanks :)
Nicki2014  Feb 27, 2011
so, i found this font on picnik when i was editing pictures for my friends and i FELL IN LOVE WITH IT! i would donate but i'm only 15 :DDD thank you so much for making the font of my life!
jessicanicole  Aug 21, 2012
Love the name, love the font ♥ Thanks so much for making it :)

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