Japanese Brush

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dafontguest  Aug 17, 2006
hey! This is a very nice clean-feel font. Its a nice script-sorta look, and can pass for a signature!

Great job!!
coche  Jan 30, 2007
Hey what a nice font. Thanks and great job!
typo001  Apr 18, 2007
this is one of my fav. fonts. i use it all the time in gimp and signatures!
jaheem  Jul 01, 2008
sweet!! How can i go about using it for my company logo? Can i purchase it
lrlmnck  Dec 31, 2008
I'm a student working on a booklet for a non profit organization in India. Can I use this font in the booklet?
hamza8811  Feb 25, 2009
IS THIS FONTFOR FREE? I see no author...let me know if I can use this in a commercial logo.
marcosaluzzo  Apr 06, 2009
A really lovely font. Great effect
adrastos86  Apr 16, 2009
Is this font free? I am interested to use it for a commercial logo too.
mr death681  Oct 25, 2010
I absolutly love this font i used it on my japan project and my presentation was full marks
amy-zen  Jan 31, 2011
It's a nice font. Can I use this font for a commercial logo?
karaokefreakcountry  Dec 16, 2011
Hi , can I use the fonts as a part of a logo to an online karaoke team?
trueguides  Jan 12, 2012
Beautiful! Could I use this for a brochure for a small woodworking business?
pkiokok  Oct 19, 2012
Good Font! Can i use this font for a commercial logo, please?
katrien starckx  Nov 04, 2014
Hi there, I am interested in using this font commercially. How can we arrange this or is it already allowed to use this font for commercial causes? You can contact me at katrien@quatremains.be
Robbert  Jan 06, 2015
Dear designer of Japanese Brush. Can i Buy your font for commercial use? Looking foreward hearing from you. Thanks! You can contact me at roos@zimmer310.de
Evolus  Nov 04, 2015
I'd like to use Japanese brush for a logo. Could you please send me your conditions? You can contact me at kikibutterfly@gmail.com. Thank you.
urae  Feb 12, 2017
Hello! I need to know if I can use this font for a commercial project. Please contact me at urae_gif@hotmail.com. Thank you!!!
daniela@robilant.it  Apr 20, 2018
Dear Sir,
We're a company and we are interested in licensing this font
How can we do?
Please contact us at amministrazione@robilant.it
Thank you.
V.Hitchins  Aug 17, 2018
Hi. I am interested in using this font commercially. Please could you get in touch to let me know the conditions? v.hitchins@hotmail.com

Many Thanks

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