Frazetta Bats 1

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sonoguerilla  Jun 29, 2010
I assume that those are simulated "graytones" because i read when you where talking about. I'm a bit surprised that my programm was actually able to display this as a glyph (without getting stuck). The glyph for "M" has a good quality nearby on any size. Most of the other ones get ripped appart if i scale them real big (May be mention an ideal size for reproducing the graytones). I wonder how those pictures would look if you make a lithography (i mean without the little dots in the gray parts) or do the shades with parallel stripes. The glyph for "P" is an excellent job.

very adventurous
metaphasebrothel  author of Frazetta Bats 1   Jul 06, 2010
The problem with the gray tones is that they work well only at 72 points. They also consume huge amounts of memory, and they make the file sizes absurdly large. The glyphs for this font look much better as 280 pixel high clipart. If I do fonts from this type of artwork again, I'll abandon the grey tones, and concentrate more on maually definining the black and white areas, rather than using a 16 colour or 256 colour bitmap intermediate stage.

As for parallel stripes for gray tones, I did use this a bit in ObeyRockers, but it only works for small areas.

Thanks for the comment.


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