Eternal Call

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Chloe5972  Feb 06, 2013
Marvelous !!! Realy cute !!! Gorgeous...and more ;-)
ParisStarr  Feb 12, 2013
lheureuseimparfaite  Feb 15, 2013
Ooooh elle est trop belle cette police, je suis fan !
YuMiKo  Feb 24, 2013
Trop jolie !! <3
DaNIa  Mar 01, 2013
Wonderful job! ♥
TalesFromDisturbia  Mar 11, 2013
By far the most beautiful font I've seen.
Maelle.K  author of Eternal Call   Mar 11, 2013
Thank you for all comment !
enjoy your life
Xsoul  Jun 09, 2013
Hello there, i really enjoyed it and may use it for commercial project, here's the blog of my video game under construction!

I didn't see how to contact you, you can contact me at or from my blog!
ruthc19  Jun 22, 2013
I would love to use this font as R& R for my candles I am starting up. Is that ok?
Tinet  Sep 05, 2013
I really enjoy that font and I would like to use it for my personal Graphic Designer logo. Contact me via
Thank you!
Tinet  Sep 05, 2013
I really enjoy that font and I would like to use it for my personal Graphic Designer logo. Contact me via
Thank you!
isabellehusquet  Sep 09, 2013
Magnifique, j'adore ...
Palemoon4  Nov 13, 2013
I absolutely love this font. I am thinking that I might like to use it for a little scrapbooking business I am starting up in a few months. How would I go about contacting you about using it?
Squirrelz  Dec 04, 2013
I cannot open the ZIP, it keeps saying Operation not permitted, and when trying to force open in terminal, using "unzip", it says:

End-of-central-directory signature not found. Either this file is not
a zipfile, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part archive. In the
latter case the central directory and zipfile comment will be found on
the last disk(s) of this archive.

When forcing open using "jar cvf" it extracts the TTF but it is corrupt and cannot be used.

I am on Mac os 10.6.8
Squirrelz  Dec 04, 2013

I realise what it was, my connection was not downloading the entire file... all good now :)
Vivian83  Jun 01, 2014
Hi there, I would like to use your font for commercial use. What do you charge for use?
achirillo  Jun 17, 2014
I downloaded the font fine and everything, however when I use it on word the top and the bottom get cut off, its like there are invisible lines that the letters must fit in and this font does not fit in them so only a small portion is shown, which leads to not being able to read what I've written, and not be able to see the beautiful font!!!! has anyone had this problem?!?
Huma  Jul 13, 2014
Hi Maelle,

Can i please use this font for my business name for a small clothing business i am planning on setting up?
pinka  Jul 18, 2014
Hello, Maelle, i would like to use this font for my new tatoo, can i , please :)
kristinamatheis  Aug 13, 2014
I would like to use this font for my photography studio sign. I provide family, individual, and special occasion photography for a rural community. I do not photograph anything that could be interpreted as profane, pornographic, or prejudicial. Please let me know if you would allow this and what you would charge. Thank you
malinoos  Oct 21, 2014
Love your fonts! I would like to use some of them for commercial use. It would be great if you can contact me via
beaurain  Oct 23, 2014
trop beau j'adore
chayes418  Dec 14, 2014
I love your font, I am asking for you permission to use it on my new will be religious....?
c_lethal  Mar 21, 2015
it's perfect! i just love it!
Sojourn  Mar 22, 2015
Can you email me, I would like to use this for the back of a CD
evetidwell  Apr 17, 2015
This is beautiful, and hopeful I will be smart enough now that I made a donation to use it, not sure how to get it to print on my invitation
Jennifer381977  Aug 01, 2016
Hi could you give me a price to use your font for a photography business logo please x
sabkae  Jul 20, 2017
I would like to use this font to make a logo, can you send me a price of it please, at
Thank you  Feb 21, 2023
Hi, I am after a price to use this font for business logo please.

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