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KarinaIva  Feb 16, 2012
Lovely font! I would like to use it for a free tourism guide if you agree. Please contact me karina.ivanova91@gmail.com
typodermic  author of Dream Orphans   Feb 16, 2012
No problem. It's free for commercial use. Check my current license agreement at typodermicfonts.com if you're not sure.
Thank you, this is lovely.
typodermic  author of Dream Orphans   Aug 30, 2012
Look around for Dream Orphanage as well. It's similar but higher quality. The regular style is free.
Rafael Escriva  Apr 15, 2015
Hello! Beautiful typography! I would like to use your font for commercial purposes, is it possible to use it in any brochures and catalogue editing software? Please Let me know by email rafa_escriva@hotmail.com. thank you very much
MayraG  Jun 27, 2016
Hola me encanta tu tipografía y me parece muy elegante por lo que te quisiera preguntar si puedo usarla para la identidad de una un grupo de artesanos por favor contáctame mayraan94@gmail.com
typodermic  author of Dream Orphans   Jul 06, 2016
No es problema.
rianchochochiko  Mar 20, 2018
awesome font..thank you so much
AgilaPhotos  Nov 05, 2019
Hello, Typodermic. Thank you for your work. The font is terrific. I understand from the above comments that we can use it for commercial purpose. I wil use it for creating a logo for a small business. As you also suggested, i will check on Dream Orphanage. Thank you, and more power to you.
darkniros  Apr 16, 2020
Hello, I really like your font, and I wonder if I can use it for a mobile videogame to do buttons and interface
typodermic  author of Dream Orphans   Apr 17, 2020
Thank you. Buttons and interface, yes if it's pre-rendered. If you need to embed the font in the game you'll need an app license. This is one of my older fonts that's discontinued but you can get an app license for this version: https://typodermicfonts.com/dream/
vandraa  Jun 13, 2021
hello! can i use this font for business logo? thank you
typodermic  author of Dream Orphans   Jun 14, 2021
Yes, it's free to use for a logo and other commercial purposes. Details are included with the font.
almuttaqin  May 22, 2022
Hi, Let me use this font for free for personal and commercial use. Thank You.
typodermic  author of Dream Orphans   May 23, 2022
Yes, you can use this font for commercial use. Details are included with the font.
sandra1234  Sep 22, 2022
Hi there, can I use for font for ppc? use in my designs for paid traffic in google ads, facebook and instagram ads? Thank u in advance :)
sandra1234  Sep 22, 2022
Hi there , Can I use this font for my designs ? For google ads, fb and ig ads? Thank u in advance. It´s lovely
typodermic  author of Dream Orphans   Sep 23, 2022
Thank you very much. The free "desktop" license has no restrictions for use in ads.

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