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sibejan  Aug 28, 2013
there appears to be a seriuos problem with this font: installing it on apples it tells me "structure and content 'kern' table" has a serious problem.
211178  author of CWG Sans   Sep 10, 2013
Hi Sibejan,
Thank you for your feedback. I have checked the font and can't seem to find any issues concerning the problem you are describing. I have heard about minor problems regarding installing .ttf on apple based systems. I have an .otf version that may solve your problems. If you want I could send it to you by e-mail in .otf format?

Best regards,
jesuis_danny  Sep 11, 2013
I'm encountering the same issue with this font on OS X 10.8.4. Would you be able to send this to me over email to

Here's the issue I encountered while installing this: (Ignore the part about the duplicates)
T.smid2102  Sep 16, 2013
Hello Sibejan,

Im using your font for a project for college and i need info for how much it would cost if i would use your font for commercial use. Can you please send me this info ?

Great font btw !

Best regards,
acu  Sep 22, 2013
Love the font but am having issues installing it as well. Could you please email it to me in .otf format? My email is - Thanks!
demonbabies  Sep 25, 2013
Hey Sibejan,

Thanks for this amazing font! I love it! I am having similar troubles working with this font as well. Could you email a .otf to me please?

enathani  Oct 11, 2013
Hi Sibejan,

Thank you for your great font! but somehow it can not be installed in my computer. could you email the .otf format?

b124  Oct 17, 2013
This font doesnt work :(
at7pm  Oct 22, 2013
This font does not work. I'm using it on a PC system, and I have unzipped the file and installed to fonts folder. When I try to use the font in Photoshop, only the numbers, comma (,), period (.), and 'W' work. All other letters and characters come up as ????? (question marks). Please fix this as it looks like a great font to use! :)
lorismurray  Oct 25, 2013
I'm on a Mac with the most current operating system. I downloaded this font with a few others, unzipped them and this font does NOT work. It only shows about 2 characters in a line of 60 characters. Very quirky. Really would love to have the font because it's lovely.
Madame Zoraide  Oct 26, 2013
Love this font. I donwloaded it and work very well for me on Corel Draw and Photoshop. Pay attention to caps lock.

JordanF05  Nov 17, 2013
Hi, I too am having trouble installing. Could you please kindly send me the font in .OTF format? Your font is beautiful, congrats! Here is my email... fowlerj2388
JordanF05  Nov 17, 2013
I'm sorry, having computer issues. Here is my email... Please send the .otf format. Thanks!
kellie123  Jun 10, 2014
Hello! Are you able to send this to me in .otf format? I am also having problems with it on my mac. Thank you!
Step_cortez  Sep 29, 2015
Hi, This font looks amazing, But I'm having trouble using it... I'm using it in illustrator and it seems to not work and goes back to the default font (Myriad Pro)... It might be the instalation problem... if so can you send me a different format @

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