Complete in Him

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HH111  Dec 21, 2007
Merryy Christmas
gia032394  Dec 25, 2007
this is neat :] <3 it
pauly05  Jan 04, 2008
como se colocan estas letras a la fotos?!
yoan  Jan 13, 2008
trop bien
yesrfan  Jan 19, 2008
Yesrfan *
justdave  Jan 26, 2008
what a wonderful and true title..
LaM3zFukTard11  Feb 04, 2008
ii did a great job
megann101  Feb 25, 2008
i love yourr
font it is soo sweet and
iHeartx3  Mar 07, 2008
I LOVE IT! * = <3 so cute!
krakerdesigncom  Mar 08, 2008

thanks good fonts.. ;)

roadaway  May 19, 2008
Its a great font!
plainjane  Jul 05, 2008
Refreshing title! So many icky names people come up with for fonts:(
Thank's for the inspiration and great job!
loopy0310  Jul 07, 2008
I REALLY like this font..
but I have no idea what I'm doing! Can someone please help me?
jjcagirl  Jul 09, 2008
LOVE, Love, love the title of your font. †
LeashaMarie  Jul 13, 2008
i ant gotta clue what to do please help!!
love this font ;)
Karen Hiscott  Aug 06, 2008
Love the font, cool to find somebody on the same page in such an unexpected place ... am complete in Him too!!! Suggested new name for a font - beautiful one.... let me know if you design one as this is my favourite phrase!

Blessing in him, Karen xx
BriBri9  Sep 06, 2008
Love this font!
Bere  Sep 25, 2008
This is very nice !
(sorry for my bad english ; I'm french !)
spanky743  Sep 27, 2008
This is a great font!
It's perfect for an "Anti-Drug" Ad spoof.
Trodden  Oct 13, 2008
Hi Kimberly,

I would like to get your permission to use this font commercially. Please contact me as soon as possible.

Kerlyn  Oct 16, 2008
I wished to use this font too.
LizHarper  Nov 04, 2008
Hi Kimberley
I would like to use this font on my company website.
Please can you give me permission!
awmasry  Nov 05, 2008
i love it :-)
rosiehandley  Nov 14, 2008
Hi Kimberley,
I love the Complete in Him font. I would like to use it commercially.
Please contact me regarding permissions etc.
EleeGirl  Nov 27, 2008
WOW! I sooo love this font :D

Good job ;)

Keep it up :)
eragongal44  Dec 10, 2008
This is a very beautiful font, with an inspiration that I didn't think was possible to get from a font. Thank You so much!!

lemonlime935  Dec 19, 2008
how do i use this? (in my AIM profile) please help! im in love with this font
lemonlime935  Dec 19, 2008
how do i use this? (in my AIM profile) please help! im in love with this font
redmax  Dec 27, 2008
so cute!!!!!
i love it~~
thanks! :)
music4everr  Jan 01, 2009
Love this font i use it ALL the time! It is truly a great font for handwritten <3
Paulinette'  Jan 10, 2009
J'aime beaucoup cette écriture !
I like this writing very much

Mais je ne sais pas ce qu'il faut faire après avoir cliquer sur télécharger !!
But I do not know what it is necessary to make having click on downloading!!

Merci !!
livipop  Jan 26, 2009
this is a cute font!
mellybo1014  Feb 11, 2009
This is adorable I have this font I love how you do ure hearts mine are weord
ryanlonac  Feb 17, 2009
Great hand script. May I use this or a project? Please let me know what the commercial agreements are.
like2click  Feb 23, 2009
like the title....ALOT! and the font too. :)
dieko  Apr 08, 2009
There are real love from the King in ur Fonts.
Hay verdadero amor del Rey en tus fuentes.

Dios te Bendiga ;)
Trizzo  Jun 04, 2009
Hey awesome work! Can i use this font for a one time thing for a church event?
love, peace.
heybraza  Jun 09, 2009
Hi, I'd like to use Complete in Him for commercial purpose and to know if you have Complete in Him with some latin characters (ç é ô ã, etc...).

If you could give me some feedback ASAP, it would be really nice!

Congratulations, awesome font design.

Thank you!
Mellillu  Aug 24, 2009
Hi Kimberley,
I really love the Complete in Him font. I would like to use it commercially.
Please contact me regarding permissions ASAP, it would be very very helpful°.^
AznxGrace  Sep 11, 2009
Hey. Does anyone knw hw to type the heart thingy shown on Complete in Him? If eu knw, can eu like tell me hw?
Roger S. Nelsson  Sep 29, 2009
For those of you looking for an improved version with accents etc: Kimberly Geswein has allowed me to rework her fonts and offer them with a (very generous) commercial license.
So if you need a professional quality Unicode OpenType or TrueType version of this font with a multilingual and expanded character set - you will find it here:
(Kimberly Geswein receives royalties from all sales)
macmanfonts  Oct 05, 2009
Love the name!!! :) Good font.
jfalke  Oct 28, 2009
I would like to use this font for a nonprofit event logo. Please contact me!
krazynina217  Nov 08, 2009
Is complete in him like a gay reference? Haha, just kidding.
Nice font though. :)
ShawtyGotSwaghXD  Nov 28, 2009
i wanna use this font. but i gotta pay for it.?
Lillymonie  Dec 25, 2009
Awesome. I download it.
Nicolei  Jan 14, 2010
awesome !
Lady-pHoeNix  Aug 16, 2010

I love your fonts!!
they're so cute!! <3
but I want know can you do this font in spanish language, with accents and ñ.


for contact me

Kowhai.Baby  Aug 30, 2010
Hi there, I would love to use this in a logo for a small business, happy to pay you of course, can you contact me at please? Thanks, Stacey
Before I Forget  Feb 11, 2011
I Love, LOVE, This Font. ;x xD
xDarkFlower  Mar 17, 2011
Love This FRONT!!!!
ninjaton  Aug 14, 2011
Very sweet font
xFireworks  Sep 02, 2011
Kimberly Geswein .. YOU ARE LEGEND!
All your fonts are so lovely! I love your all your fonts!
Some are even based on phrases from songs (:
I adore your fonts. Can't wait to see more. Keep up the great job!
gonzojournalism  May 30, 2013
The title of this font is stupid.

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